Keep your data close

Grape smartly integrates all services your team uses. Additionally to pushing activities to your rooms, you can browse and access your files within the chat.

Video Tutorial: "Grape Search (Advanced)"

How integrations work

See how easy it is to connect your external services to Grape.

1. Add integration

Add new services to your chat rooms for a real-time data exchange between Grape and all your external services.

2. Receive activities

External services push their activities into Grape, where they are accessible and searchable for you and your team.

3. Grape Search

Grape is the only chat that allows you to browse your data within the chat. No need to copy & paste files or links anymore.

Service Integrations

SharePoint On demand

Microsoft’s powerful web application platform combines various seperate applications like intranet, extranet, workflow management, etc. into one.

Office 365 On demand

The online office suite by Microsoft combines a group of software plus services form email and Exchange Servers to the classic office software.

IBM Notes and Domino On demand

This email client integrates messaging capabilities, business applications and social collaboration. Access all Notes applications on-the-go with it’s Browser Plug-In.

Windows Server On demand

The Data-Servers (2008 R2/2012 R2) by Microsoft are widely used and offer everything a sysadmin needs to create highly functional data storages for enterprises.


There are not a lot of people on earth that are connected to the internet and don't have a Dropbox account. Save to say that the disrupter of modern cloud hosting is integrated with the best chat on the market.

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Google Drive

One of the most popular online document and file storage. This integration helps you to share files with your team.

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Box is one of the coolest file hosting services in the world. That's why there was no way around integrating all their files into Grape.

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Say hello to Trello. One of the most used lean project management tools on the market is better integrated with Grape than with any other chat service.

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Google Calendar

Manage and browse your appointments within Grape and without complexity.

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Atlassian's powerful service management tool is also part of the Grape integration family.

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Being among the most advanced collaborative coding softwares on the market GitHub has a big place in many developer's hearts.

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If you think of project management there is a good chance that you are thinking JIRA. No matter if in the cloud, on your own system, if you are using the basic or the lean version - All your data is connected with the Grape.


Bring your life's work together in one digital workspace. Evernote is the place to collect inspirational ideas, write meaningful words, and manage your important tasks.


Codeship is a hosted continuous integration service used to build GitHub and Bitbucket projects

Pivotal Tracker

Manage your projects, collaborate efficiently, and deliver better software with Pivotal Tracker.


Want to quickly browse the biggest video database to check on your company or the newest cat video? With Grape you can! Just write #youtube: and browse away!


Access one of the most vibrant communities behind the world's reknown advice-images and memes. Just by writing #imgur: inside the chat to find the right picture for any topic.

Navigate through the biggest GIF database in the world! Simply type #gif: and search Giphy's databases for the best GIFs to give your statements the needed visual weight.

Make your own


We support the indexAPI standard to add service integrations to our index. By using it you can send activities into the chat as well as data for users to search and reference directly from the chat.

More about the indexAPI

Incoming WebHooks

Send any data in real-time to Grape, for example your closed sales deals.

We integrate your services

We offer custom integrations to our business customers.