Zapier Webhook Integration

Zapier integration is possible using generic Webhooks.

Set up a Zapier hook for news articles

  1. In your organization’s service integrations, create a new custom webhook, and note its URL.

  2. Create a new zap on Zapier.

  3. Choose Feedly, pick “New Article in Category” as the trigger.

  4. Pick a Feedly account.

  5. Select a category from your Feedly account.

  6. Fetch & continue.

  7. When asked to choose an Action App, choose Webhooks.

  8. Use POST as the webhook method.

  9. Enter the URL of your webhook created in step 1, pick JSON as the payload type, and enter the following two fields in the “Data” section using some of the Feedly fields:

    • username

    • text

    An example setup might look like this:

    screen shot of zapier webhook setup

  10. Click “Continue”, on the following page, click “Create & Continue”.

  11. The chat room you chose in step 1 should receive a new message with a news article:

    screen shot of zapier chat message