SMB/CIFS/Netapp integration


The SMB integration makes it possible to index files and folders from network shared drives into Grape.


  • Active Directory (LDAP). Only AD Users will be able to use the SMB integration.

  • Your fileserver must support SMB 2.0 (Windows Server 2008 / Samba 3.5)

  • Your fileserver must be directly reachable from the grape runtime container (not over the configured proxy). We use the port 139.

  • A service user with read permission for all the files that should be integrated.


  1. grape configure --enable netapp

  2. grape install

  3. configure the filer(s) https://<your_grape_domain>/admin/netapp/netappfiler/

  4. configure the share(s) to integrate for each filer https://<your_grape_domain>/admin/netapp/netappshare/

  5. Admin goes to the netapp integration settings in grape (https://your_grape_domain/integrations/netapp/) and creates a new netapp integration

  6. Select the folders you want to be integrated and make the integration available for the entire organization

screen shot of SMB Integration


The SMB integration will be available only for AD Users, and each AD user can only find those files in the grape search which he/she user has read access to.

The indexed files and file permissions will be synced periodically every hour. This can be changed in the grape setup (INTEGRATIONS_NETAPP_SYNC_INTERVAL).