Problems installing Grape

Nothing works

Are you running a support docker-engine and docker compose version?

Please check the Quickstart Checklist and down- or upgrade.

I don’t see any error messages


journalctl --follow --since='-15 minutes'

if you are running systemd or

tail -f /var/log/syslog

Grape is offline

see Administration Troubleshooting

Grape is online but has problems

You can run the selftest for a quick overview:

  • in the browser: https://your_grape_server/debug/self-test/

    (Note: only Grape admin users can access this page)

  • in the terminal:

    python selftest

Problems using Grape, Error 500

Check if you can see an error in Sentry at the time the problem happened. It helps the Grape team if you have an error in sentry that correlates to you problem.

More details on Sentry

Problems after upgrading Grape

My Grape instance just show the “We are busy updating Grape” screen

Please check the output of the runtime container:

docker logs application_grape-runtime_1 | tail -n 30

Grape (gunicorn process) uses ~100%

First try restarting the grape-application by running

cd /data/grape/config/application && docker-compose restart

and wait until it comes back up.

If this does not help:

Inspect what the process is doing:

  1. Find the process id of gunicorn E.g. with ps (as root on the host machine)
ps aux | grep gunicorn
  1. Inspect it using strace

A bug appeared after upgrading to a new version

  1. Use your VM snapshot to recover the last working version.

  2. If you don’t have a VM snapshot:

    1. Take a VM snapshot!
    2. Look up the previous release in the changelog or your inbox.
    3. Downgrade to that version, e.g. onpremises-3.3.9
    grape install --custom-version onpremises-3.3.9

    YMMV with this approach. Always make a backup before an upgrade!