Problems installing Grape

Nothing works

Are you running a support docker-engine and docker compose version?

Please check the Quickstart Checklist and down- or upgrade.

Error downloading Grape (PGP permission error)

if you get the error message Something went wrong when trying to fetch grape

check the websetup container output with

docker logs -f --tail 100 websetup_django_1

and look for the lines

[verify_data_gpg] Coud not create gpg object
Fetched file '' failed to verify!

This is an annoying permission bug where the websetup container does not get permission to create a file in ~/.pgp

You can fix this by re-creating the PGP folder with the following commands (as grape user):

mv ~/.pgp ~/.pgpold
mkdir ~/.pgp
mv ~/.pgpold/* ~/.pgp/

This error is known to happen on some Ubuntu Distributions (e.g. 16.04.6 LTS)

I don’t see any error messages


journalctl --follow --since='-15 minutes'

if you are running systemd or

tail -f /var/log/syslog

for further troubleshooting help see Administration Troubleshooting