grape command reference

The grape command is your one-stop shop to manage your Grape installation. It allows you to configure, install, upgrade and check your installation.

Note you only need to use the grape command if the WebSetup doesn’t work for you.


Sample output of commands and options as of setup version 4.0.1:

grape@grape-debian:~$ grape --help
usage: grape [-h] [--version] [-v] [--debug] [-n] [-d] [--force-clean-config]
             [--config-file CONFIG_FILE] [-i] [--skip-proxy] [--skip-sentry]
             [--enable [{custom,indexapi,sharepoint2013,youtube,giphy,imgur,jira,jitsi,trello,moreify,exchange,netapp,sso,apns,gcm,wns} [{custom,indexapi,sharepoint2013,youtube,giphy,imgur,jira,jitsi,trello,moreify,exchange,netapp,sso,apns,gcm,wns} ...]]]
             [--beta] [--alpha] [--force-reconfigure]
             [--force-grape-image FORCE_GRAPE_IMAGE]
             [--remove-forced-grape-image] [--export-edge-ssl]

Grape SETUP Tool (v4.0.1)

positional arguments:
                        The command to run.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             Print the current Grape setup version
  -v, --verbose         Sets verbose mode.
  --debug               Prints lots of debugging info.
  -n, --dry-run         Dry-run mode.
  -d, --diff            Show changes
  --force-clean-config  NO LONGER SUPPORTED - do not use
  --config-file CONFIG_FILE
                        Path to config.yml
  -i, --info-only       Show infos, then exit
  --skip-proxy          Skips reverse-proxy installation
  --skip-sentry         Skips Sentry installation
  --skip-grape          Skips Grape application installation
  --enable [{custom,indexapi,sharepoint2013,youtube,giphy,imgur,jira,jitsi,trello,moreify,exchange,netapp,sso,apns,gcm,wns} [{custom,indexapi,sharepoint2013,youtube,giphy,imgur,jira,jitsi,trello,moreify,exchange,netapp,sso,apns,gcm,wns} ...]]
                        Enable these extra integrations
  --beta                Use beta version of Grape setup.
  --alpha               Use alpha version of Grape setup. THIS IS FOR
                        DEVELOPMENT OF GRAPE SETUP ONLY!
  --force-reconfigure, --reconfigure
                        Ask to re-enter non-manadatory configuration data.
  --force-grape-image FORCE_GRAPE_IMAGE, --custom-version FORCE_GRAPE_IMAGE
                        Set a specific version of grape-image. Do not use this
                        unless instructed to do so by the Grape team.
  --remove-forced-grape-image, --remove-custom-version
                        Remove previously set custom version of grape-image.
                        Do not use this unless instructed to do so by the
                        Grape team.
  --export-edge-ssl     Export created Edge server keys and certificates.
                        Fetch docker images right after fetching Grape setup

Commands and options in detail

General options

  • --verbose: More information on what’s actually being done

  • --debug: Lots and lots of debug output. TMI!

  • --info-only: To be used with a command. Shows a quick overview of used and available options.

  • --config-file: path to a different config.yml.

grape init

This command initializes the grape config after a clean install.

It asks for the following data (if not set yet):

  • Will you be using a custom reverse-proxy

  • Will you be using a Grape Edge server

  • Grape distribution server login data

  • Grape docker registry login data

Available options:

  • --reconfigure: Ask for configuration values again even if they have already been set before

Also runs:

  • check

  • fetch

grape check

Runs some basic checks to see if an installation/update/upgrade would be possible

  • Connection to the Grape distribution server

  • Connection to the Grape docker registry

  • GnuPG keyring

grape update

This command fetches metadata about availabe Grape releases and checks for available updates.

Available options:

  • --beta: Check if newer beta version is available


  • --cron: Flag to run the command as a cronjob to check for updates.

  • --force-version: Check if this release is available

grape fetch

This pulls the latest available Grape setup release (if it’s not already downloaded).

The fetched packages are cached locally in /data/grape/data/setup/ and will be re-fetched if the gpg verification fails or the hashsums mismatch.

The fetched package will be extracted to /data/grape/data/setup/VERSION.

Available options:

  • --beta: Fetch latest beta version of Grape setup if available

  • --fetch-docker-images: tries to fetch the required docker images right away. This makes the upgrading step faster.

grape configure

This guides you through the configuration of the Grape instance.


  • --enable: Enables configuration dialogues for integrations

    • sharepoint2013

    • youtube

    • giphy

    • imgur

    • moreify

  • --reconfigure: Ask for configuration values again even if they have already been set before

  • --force-clean-config: Ignores all previously set configuration values, starts with default values.

  • --remove-custom-version: If a specific version of the Grape docker image has been forced this can be reset here.

  • --export-edge-ssl: Export the necessary CA and cleint certificate for the Grape Edge server (if enabled)

grape install

The installation routine. Installs the proxy, Sentry and the Grape itself, unless instructed otherwise.


  • --skip-proxy: Skips the proxy installation

  • --skip-sentry: Skips the Sentry installation

  • --skip-grape: Skips the Grape installation

  • --dry-run: Does not change anything during the installation steps, just shown what would be done

  • --diff: Show more information on changes being made during the installation steps. Best used in combination with –dry-run.

  • --custom-version: force a specific version of the Grape docker image. Do not use this unless adviced to do so by Grape support!

grape upgrade

A this meta command running the following command:

  • check

  • update

  • fetch

  • configure (with the new version if applicable)

  • install (with the new version if applicable)

It accepts all the options of these commands combined, so you can run e.g. grape upgrade --beta --custom-version onpremises-3.7.3

grape status

This command show a quick status overview of:

  • Proxy: running/not running

  • Sentry: running/migrating/not running

  • Grape: running/migrating/not running

If Grape is running it will also show the status of its started processes.


Running any grape command will append its debug output to /data/grape/logs/grape_setup.log.