Enable Websetup

How to turn on WebSetup on Port 443

In order to make the websetup available as setup.<your_grape_domain> under the port 443, follow these steps:

  1. Upgrade your Grape Instance to the latest version

    grape fetch
    grape upgrade
  2. Run the websetup ansible script

    this will prepare the /data/grape/websetup folder, create a self-signed certificate etc.

    grape install --websetup --skip-proxy --skip-sentry --skip-grape
  3. Replace Websetup Certificate

    copy the correct certificate for setup.<your_grape_domain> into the folder /data/grape/websetup/ssl and replace the files websetup.crt.pem and websetup.key.pem

  4. Reload the Proxy

    grape install --skip-grape --skip-sentry

    now you should be able to reach the websetup under https://setup.<your_grape_domain>