Upgrade Grape Call

Since Grape Version 4.33 there are 3 new options to configure in the WebSetup.


  1. You need to configure these IP addresses and save the configuration.

  2. Now enter the shell on your grape server and execute the following command as the grape user:

    grape grapecall-export

    This will generate 2 files docker-compose.yml and .env and tell you where the are located (should be /data/grape/cache/grapecall)

  3. now copy those files to your Grape Callserver (e.g. into the /home/grape/ directory)

  4. Shutdown the running Grape Call instance

    docker-compose -f /data/grapecall/docker-compose.yml down -v
  5. make a backup of the previous configuration

    cd /data/grapecall
    mkdir backup
    mv docker-compose.yml backup/
    mv .env backup/
    mv config backup/
  6. copy the new configuration files to the Grape Call dir

    cp /home/grape/docker-compose.yml /data/grapecall/
    cp /home/grape/.env /data/grapecall/
  7. pull and start the Grape Call container

    docker-compose -f /data/grapecall/docker-compose.yml pull
    docker-compose -f /data/grapecall/docker-compose.yml up -d

    in case you get an error at this point (docker credentials missing) - we changed the URL for the containers from registry.ubergrape.com:5000 to registry.ubergrape.com but the credentials are the same. Just edit your ~/.docker/config.json and delete the :5000 in there.

  8. replace the Grape Call certificate with the one used before

    cp /data/grapecall/backup/config/web/keys/* /data/grapecall/config/web/keys/
  9. test the proxy config and reload

    docker exec -it grapecall_web_1 nginx -t

    expected output:

    nginx: the configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf syntax is ok
    nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test is successful

    if that is ok - reload the configuration

    docker exec -it grapecall_web_1 nginx -s reload
  10. test Grape Call on your Grape instance - it is now running the latest version