Hardware requirements for the Jitsi Server are calculated (estimated) depending on the number of Users that will use it.

We usually assume a peak load where 10% of the users are in videoconferences simulatneously.

There is a spreadsheet on google docs, which we use as Bandwidth Calculator.


500 Users: 4vCPUs / 8GB Ram / 400 MBit Network

1000 Users: 6vCPUs / 12GB Ram / 800 MBit Network

2000 Users: 8 vCPUs / 16GB Ram / 1.5 GBit Network


  • The Clients must be able to reach the Videoconferencing Server via port 443 TCP, 4443 TCP and 10000 UDP.

  • The Server must be reachable with 2 different IP addresses - one dedicated for UDP and one dedicated for TCP

Note: in theory it’s possible to run Grape Call with just 1 IP address, but then the TCP Fallback cannot use port 443 If this is strictly necessary for your infrastructure, please get in touch with our technicians.