Monitor Traffic

on the videoserver as root run

docker network ls
(new) root@yami:~# docker network ls
a5594cd4c983        grapecall-staging.jitsi        bridge              local

now inspect the docker network with

docker network inspect a5594cd4c983 | less

look for the network of the videobridge grapecall_jvb_1 and note the Gateway IP

docker network inspect a5594cd4c983 | grep Gateway -C3

"Config": [
                "Subnet": "",
                "Gateway": ""

now look for the interface that uses this Gateway

(new) root@yami:~# ip a s | grep
    inet brd scope global br-a5594cd4c983

install iptraf-ng

apt install iptraf-ng

now run iptraf-ng


select the correct interface (in this example br-a5594cd4c983)

now you can see the packets as they are running