How to integrate

Grape provides a variety of integrations with other systems.

Send messages into the chat

Examples: Monitoring System Alerts, Social Media Feed, Daily Weather-Bot, Daily Menu from Restaurants

Use our Custom Webhook Integration.

Bot API: Send messages to users, interact with users as a Bot

Examples: personal news bot, bot that answers questions

Use our Bot API

A Bot user can use all the RPC calls, a normal user can do, for example:

The bot can also open a websocket connection and listen to events and react to them, for example:

Embed a chat as a sidebar in other websites/tools

Examples: One chat for every sharepoint site collection

To embed a simplified version of the chat, you can use our Embedded Web Client SDK. You can embed different chats on different pages py specifying the channel id.

It’s also possible to automatically create chat groups, for example one for every project in your project management tool, and automatically add all users that have access, so permissions are handled in your existing tool and are synced to Grape.

If you want to do this, have a look at the Managed Room API, which was specifically created for this purpose.

Show bits of information from the chat in other websites/tools


In general, all information that is visible in our client software (web/desktop/mobile) can be fetched by you through our RPC API. Ask us if you can’t find what you are looking for.