Bot API Integration


The Bot API allows a bot to remote control the chat via HTTP requests.


You need Admin access to the Organization in Grape, normal Users are not permitted to create/edit/use Bots.

Administrator Setup

Go to the Intgrations page as admin and select Bot API. You can create as many Bots as you want. We advise to use as few as possible for clarity’s sake.

When you have first created a New Bot we advise to go to the bot’s info page by clicking the info button ../_images/botapi_info_button.png

The examples there are designed to target only you, the bot owner so you can execute those without fear of accidentially contacting organization members.

As you can see clearly in the example curl commands, we use Token authentication to authenticate the Bot. You can anytime invalidate the Token and generate a new one, by clicking the refresh button. ../_images/botapi_refresh_button.png


See broadcast Message documentation for the broadcast_message RPC documentation