Atlassian Crowd


  1. You need to be admin or owner of the Organization, in order to manage Crowd

  2. You need a Crowd server that can be reached from the Grape instance (the Network team may need to add proxy / firewall rules for that)

Enable Crowd for an Organization

  1. Go the admin site (

  2. Click on “Organizations”

  3. Click on the organization that needs Crowd

  4. Scroll down to “Features”

  5. Select “Atlassian Crowd” From the drop-down menu and check the “Value” checkbox

  6. Scroll down to the bottom

  7. Press “Save”

Create the Grape application in Crowd

  1. On the Crowd management page go to “Applications” and click “Add Application”

  2. Create the new Application named “grape” with the application type “Generic Application” and set a strong password

  3. Edit the newly created Application “grape”

  4. In the “Directories & groups” select the correct crowd directory and groups depending on which users you want to add to grape

  5. Make sure the grape server’s IP address is whitelisted in the “Remote addresses” tab

Configure Crowd

In the Web Client or in your Desktop Client:

  1. Click the cogwheel cogwheel

  2. Click “Organization Settings”

  3. Click on “CROWD Settings” in the menu on the left (this option is only available after you enabled LDAP in the admin site!)

Enter the crowd application name (“grape”) and the password as well as the crowd server’s URL there. The form will only save if a connection could be established successfully.

It’s important that you proper configure the field “Default action for removed user” as this action will be taken when removing users from Crowd. See remove user documentation for more details.

Please note: This crowd application’s credentials will be stored in recoverable encrypted form for later background synchronization.

Importing Users from Crowd Groups

Click the users icon users icon

You can add Crowd Groups as Grape user sources by selecting one of the available groups from the dropdown and clicking the “Add Crowd group” button. The application configuration in the crowd administraion page decides which groups are available here.

Configure Instant Logout (Optional)

Optionally our crowd plugin can log out users Instantly if they get deactivated or if they change their password.

To do so, follow this steps:

  1. ask one of your Grape buddies for the plugin (its not yet available for download)

  2. navigate to /accounts/settings/crowd/ and click on the eye icon of the crowd server you want to configure to show the token

  3. install the plugin in your crowd instance and add the base URL of the grape server as well as the token in the configuration.

That’s it, every time a user gets deactivated or changes his password, they get logged out on all devices instantly.