Client Software and Apps

All our Apps can be used with the Cloud offering and the On-Premise version. There is an input field for the server name in all apps.

Desktop Apps

Desktop apps exist for Windows and macOS:

Head over to our github page for the desktop app to find MSI, EXE and DMG files for an automatic rollout.

On the same page you can also see files for a Linux version of the desktop app. This is not officially supported though and we don’t add the app to any Linux distribution repositories.

The apps can be configured to automatically connect to your server, see Preconfiguration of Desktop Apps

Silent mode installation

For silent mode installation, you can choose who to install the application to. To all users with /allusers or to the current user with /currentuser.

The full command to install version 3.x.x in silent mode will be either:

"Grape Setup 3.x.x.exe" /S /currentuser


"Grape Setup 3.x.x.exe" /S /allusers

Instead 3.x.x put the version you want to install.

Migration guide from v2 to v3

As v3 brought some breaking changes to the installation process, v3 on installation doesn’t replace v2.

But, don’t worry! We prepared a script which will detect v2 automatically on v3 installation and will remove v2 if it exists.

If v2 was installed with admin permission, the user will need to confirm admin permissions for uninstalling v2 and that’s it. No more actions needed!

Mobile Apps

The iOS App can be configured via MDM to automatically connect to your server, see Preconfiguration of Mobile Apps

If you need a custom version of the app, please get in touch with us.

Enterprise App Wrapper

If you want to use the Grape mobile apps with MobileIron AppConnect or MobileIron Tunnel please get in touch with us.