Reporting Errors

In case of emergencies, if possible, please provide the Grape team access to your Sentry installation temporarily (username/password or screen-sharing).


What is Sentry and why do I need it?

Sentry is a real-time crash reporting service that comes automatically installed with Grape in a separate docker-compose setup. Sentry helps the you (the sysadmin) and the Grape developers to debug problems quickly.

Errors that happen on the Grape server, in the web frontend or in the desktop app are logged in Sentry. The clients need to send their errors directly to Sentry, so it needs to be accessible for them.

Where can I find Sentry?

You should find your Sentry installation at https://sentry.<your_grape_domain>.com.


What does it cost?

It’s free. Grape is not using the SaaS version, Sentry’s open-source version is installed on your Grape server.

Official site:

How do I upgrade Sentry?

Sentry is updated with the grape upgrade command so you don’t need to worry about it.