There are three places where can configure Grape:

  1. Configuration files (terminal) ../_images/screenshot-grape-terminal.png

    • Permission required: Only available to sysadmins who have ssh access to the Grape machine

    • What: Company wide settings that never or rarely change

    • Example: admin email addresses, allowed domain names, SMTP server credentials etc.

  2. In the Django Admin Site (web) ../_images/screenshot-django-admin.png

    • Permission required: Only available to Grape Superusers

    • What: edit a lot of objects in the database directly, change settings that are not available to normal users

    • Example: change organization subdomain, delete organizations, enable features etc.

  3. Organization Settings page (web) ../_images/screenshot-organization-settings.png

    • Permission required: Available to all members of an organization, some features only available to owners and admins

    • What: Settings that are individual to organizations and settings that can be configured much better with a GUI

    • Example: Set up SSO, invite members, add service integrations