Everything the user can do in the chat can be logged on the server, regardless of what app or version of the app the user is using.

Enable logging

To enable logging, edit /data/grape/config/settings.yml:


Access Logs

Logs are currently stored in Sentry and can be accessed there.

Logged actions

Event name Description
channels/delete group deleted
channels/delete_message message deleted
channels/invite users invited to group
channels/join user joined group
channels/join_multiple user joined multiple rooms at once
channels/kick user was removed from group
channels/leave user left group
channels/post message posted
channels/update_message message edited
rooms/create group created
rooms/rename group renamed
rooms/set_color group color changed
rooms/set_description group description changed
rooms/set_icon group icon changed
rooms/set_public group set to public or private
organizations/invite people invited to organization by email
organizations/join invited user joined organization
organizations/leave user left organization
organizations/remove_member user was removed from organization
users/connect user went online
users/disconnect user went offline
users/set_profile user changed his profile
notifications/update_settings notifcations changed

Log details

For every log entry, the following data will be logged, if available:

  • timestamp

  • username

  • organisation id

  • User-Agent