The Software running on your Grape Server is deployed using Docker, Docker-Compose and Ansible.

There are four Docker-Compose Files in /data/grape/config:

  • proxy/docker-compose.yml

    “proxy” contains an NGINX server in front of Sentry and Grape.

  • sentry/docker-compose.yml

    “sentry” is a web application to collect errors from the Grape Server (Backend) and the Web Client (Frontend). See Troubleshooting

  • application/docker-compose.yml

    “application” is the Grape Server application.

  • websetup/docker-compose.yml

    “websetup” is the web based UI to configure and manage your Grape Server.




When you run docker ps you should see those containers. Check the diagram above to understand how they are connected.


  • proxy_nginx_1 - the main nginx reverse proxy, all requests are routed through this one.


  • application_nginx_1 - Nginx for the Grape Application (static/rr/ws)

  • application_nginx-elasticsearch_1 - Nginx in front of elasticsearch for authentication

  • application_rr_1 - Grape server application

  • application_ws_1 - Grape server application, websockets

  • application_beat_1 - Grape server application, scheduler

  • application_worker-notifications_1 - Grape server application, worker for sending notifications

  • application_worker-emails_1 - Grape server application, worker for sending emails

  • application_worker-default_1 - Grape server application, default worker

  • application_elasticsearch_1 - Elasticsearch

  • application_pgbouncer_1 - pgbouncer

  • application_redis-transient_1 - Redis (for transient data)

  • application_redis-persistent_1 - Redis (for persisent data)

  • application_redis-pubsub_1 - Redis (for pubsub)

  • application_postgresql_1 - PostgreSQL


  • sentry_grapesentry-sentry_1

  • sentry_grapesentry-celery1_1

  • sentry_grapesentry-celery-beat_1

  • sentry_grapesentry-redis_1

  • sentry_grapesentry-postgresql_1


  • websetup_nginx_1

  • websetup_django_1

  • websetup_redis_1