Application Performance Monitoring


  • APM Server

  • Elasticsearch

  • Kibana

Elastic APM Documentation

ELASTIC_APM_ENABLED=0 (0|1) - enable elastic apm

REMOTE_LOGGING_HANDLER=null (sentry|elasticapm|stream|null) - Set the logger class used for the remote handler. Set this to “elasticapm” if you have not enable elasticapm but wish to log using an elastic apm server.

ELASTIC_APM_SERVER_URL=http://apm-server:8200 - url to the elastic apm server

ELASTIC_APM_SERVICE_NAME=grape - name of the service

ELASTIC_APM_ENVIRONMENT=production - optional name of the environment

WAMP_PROTOCOL_CUSTOM=None - wamp protocol to be used instead of the default

WAMP_PROTOCOL_ALLOW_OVERWRITE=1 (0|1) - allow to overwrite the wamp protocol on a user base. This allows application performance monitoring to log wamp activity only for selected users.

For a full list of environment variables see the APM Python Agent - Configuration.