The version numbers are according to Semantic Versioning.

Version 4.39.0 (2021-08-31)


  • Fixed a minor issue with the display of a copy button on the notification settings page

  • Fixes a rare issue (error 500) that could happen when downloading user statistics

  • Fixed a 404 when clicking “retry” after callee didn’t accept a call

  • Fixed desktop notifications for Grape in iframes (web-client)

  • Fixed markdown rendering for lists in notifications (web-client)


  • Attachments and pictures of groups are deleted when the group is deleted

  • [Security] SVGs in the Chat will now only be offered for download instead of opening in the browser

  • If a user tries to use a GrapeCall Invite that has expired or is not yet valid, we will display a clear message instead of a 404

  • It is now possible to disable Push notification for Android and/or iOS devices

  • Guest users in GrapeCall can no longer mute or kick other participants (Note: requires Grape Call upgrade - see Compatibility and Upgrading)

Compatibility and upgrading

  • In order to reduce Grape Call premissions for guests, you need to upgrade Grape Call - upgrade docs

  • Important: Upgrading Grape Call without upgrading Grape to 4.39.x or higher will remove moderator permissions for all users

  • We updated the location of image media files. In order to move the existing media images to the new location a migration needs to be done. After upgrading Grape to 4.39.0 please go to your WebSetup and find the /update/migrate page. From there you can start the migration and monitor the progress.

Version 4.38.0 (2021-07-29)

Highlights and new features

  • Notification Times Scheduler: Each user can configure their notification times for each day of the week to block them outside of their working hours.


  • Fixed an issue in the New Conversation Dialog: Wrong empty states for guests who are not part of a group yet


  • Show some information in empty channels instead of just a blank history in the embedded chat

  • Do not suggest group users to be added to the group again when searching. (web-client)

Known issues

  • In the new notification time schedule, the “copy time to all” disappears after selecting an invalid timeframe and saving the settings. A correct timeframe has to be selected and saved for the button to appear again.

Version 4.37.0 (2021-06-29)


  • Fixed an issue where ongoing calls were not shown in web-client after reload

  • Fixed an issue where the newest Google Chrome browser loses connections after a few minutes

  • Fixed an issue that did not allow to open GrapeCall on mobile browsers

  • Fixed an issue where the billing download did not work (cloud)

  • Fixed an issue where markdown trims the message at the end of the row

  • Fixed an issue where markdown was parsed in mentions

  • Fixed an visual issue where the message-submenu popup was cut off by the top bar


  • Privacy policy and terms of service links added to settings

Known issues

  • New Lines in markdown are ignored

Version 4.36.0 (2021-06-01)


  • Fixed an issue that guests in jira groups or other managed groups couldn’t be deleted or expired and improved the UX of guest management pages


  • Improved performance for lists in new conversation dialog (web-client)

Version 4.35.2 (2021-05-12)


  • Fixed an issue where for some uploaded images the preview file size did not match the actual file size

  • Fix issue where the error message for too long group names is not consistent when creating them

  • Fix issue where the error message for too long group descriptions is not consistent when creating them

  • Fixed an issue where (Guest) was not correctly appended for guest users in the new conversation dialog

  • Fixed webclient crash when user searches for emojis

  • Fixed a bug where Jira page styles (font-size, paddings,…) changed after loading a Jira issue with Grape enabled

Version 4.35.1 (2021-05-03)


  • Fixed bug where the embedded web client raised an exception and could not initialize

Version 4.35.0 (2021-04-30)

Highlights and new features

  • Redesigned dialog for starting a new conversation in the web client

  • Only existing conversations can be found when searching in the conversation sidebar from now on. New conversations with users or groups need to be created via “New Conversation”

  • Improve user/group search for partial matches and last names

  • Added Spanish language

  • Possibility to add external people to Grape Calls


  • Using new APNS authentication method (Auth Key)


  • Fixed bug with Elasticsearch in the /debug/monitor page

  • Fixed bug where inviting users said “User(s) already invited” even if they were new users

Known Issues

  • Guests cannot see the “New Conversation” dialog and can only start conversations by clicking their name in the chat history or chat sidebar

  • Ongoing Grape Calls are not shown when the web client is refreshed

  • Keyboard navigation is not working for the “New Conversation” dialog

  • Grape Call ends on all web client sessions when the user hangs up inside the web client’s call status popup

  • Grape Call invite links do not work for mobile browsers

Version 4.34.0 (2021-04-01)

Highlights and new features

  • You can now see if all Elasticsearch scripts are installed correctly on the debug/monitor page


  • Upgraded swagger library for rest api documentation and introduce experimental ReDoc page, see /doc/rest_api/overview.html

  • Ensured all notification related tasks are handled by the Notification queue

  • Fixed a visual issue in the Organization Settings

  • Fixed a vulnerability by upgrading the Pillow dependency to > 8.1.1

  • Fixed a bug where a misconfigured LDAPConnection could break the regular full AD re-sync

Version 4.33.2 (2021-03-03)


  • Fixed an issue with missing default avatars in some views (malformed URLs)

  • Fixed a client crash when clicking the custom emoji tab in the emoji picker

Version 4.33.1 (2021-03-01)


  • Fixed an issue in AD where some re-activated users in AD did not get correctly enabled in Grape after sync

Version 4.33.0 (2021-02-28)

Highlights and new features

  • You can now see the User deleted date in the User Admin

  • Added a user status overview to the User Admin interface


  • Disable custom invite message for non-paying customers


  • Fixed a bug with call notification, it shows user avatar now. (web-client)

  • Inlined code now displaying correctly in notifications. (web-client)

  • fixed the Jira activities in languages other than English

  • Fixed a bug where removing users in AD sometimes didn’t remove those users from the Grape organization after resync

  • Fixed a bug where users re-added in AD sometimes did not get un-deleted

Version 4.32.0 (2021-01-31)

Highlights and new features

  • Added new notification type auto_room_invite to support group invitations from Teams


  • Updated Noto Sans fonts. Now Cyrillic letters with dots above, like Ukrainian і displaying correctly. (web-client)

  • Fixed debug/monitor page showing errors when the system was healthy

  • Fixed an Error on the SSO Configuration page

  • Fixed an issue where one failing AD Sync could stop the synchronization of others

  • Fixed an error when adding IntegrationConfiguration objects in the admin section

  • Fixed an issue where some Grape Call log pages were unreachable (404)

Compatibility and upgrading

Upgraded to python 3.8 and django 3.2, if you have any custom scripts accessing the containers, make sure they are compatible.

Version 4.31.3 (2020-12-20)


  • Hide private conversations with partners that have been deleted

  • Low Bandwidth Mode to disable avatar images in high traffic situations


  • Fix a cache header for image service

Version 4.31.2 (2020-12-16)


  • Hide private conversations with partners that have been deleted


  • Fixed an issue with preview of videos when the video filename contains white spaces

  • Fixed issues with private groups in teams - now they are more reliable

Compatibility and upgrading

  • Private Conversations where at least 1 user has been deleted, will be deleted.

Version 4.31.1 (2020-12-06)


  • Improved connection handling to Redis server


  • Fixed long running migration of 4.30 if more then 100k users are in the database.

Version 4.31.0 (2020-11-27)


  • RPC Caching for Improved Performance

  • Reduced DB queries on some RPC calls to improve Performance

  • Removing “important messages” icon from the clients, if labelserver is turned off

  • Don’t enable grapecall_cleaner if Grape Call is not enabled

  • Added support for auto loading content from some specific domains

  • Better description for “Remove member” action

  • Teams management: hide AD-Imports column if AD is not used

  • dont show mention suggestions for users that are not in the current group.

  • Removed mention functionality in Private Conversations (web-client)

  • It is now possible to enable the WebSetup on port 443 by following these instructions:

  • Rework the user search to find exact matches and fuzzy matches but prefer exact matches

  • Allowed auto-loading of embedded content in link preview (web-client)


  • Fixed an issue with uploading unsupported image formats (e.g. HEIC) so they appear as a downloadable file if they can’t be previewed normally

  • Properly handle the error when a user cannot create a PM for certain reasons.

  • Fixed printing layout of statistics page

  • Fixed logic to display the “wow!” message on onboarding page

  • Fixed style of Manage Guest settings page

  • Autofocus on username field on SSO login page

  • Fixed the success message after guests are invited to groups

  • Prevent emails to be sent to users without a valid email address

  • Fixed the groups list in guest invitation email

  • Fixed data export for some rare cases where the image path is invalid

  • Fixed permission on the invitation view

  • Fixed an issue that made inactive users to receive a push notification

  • Fixed an issue where some deleted Users in AD where not correctly removed and logged out in Grape

  • Notification tracing works now also in multi-organization mode

Compatibility and upgrading

The subdomain “setup” is now reserved and cannot be used as organization subdomain due to the option to make the websetup available on setup.DOMAIN.TLD. If you have an organization in multi-organization mode named setup, you need to change the subdomain in the database under /admin/accounts/organization/ and communicate that to your users because they need to re-login.

Version 4.30.0 (2020-10-29)


  • New Grape runtime 3.0.5

  • Added support to French and Italian

  • Grape Call: enable “Trying to speak popup”

  • Grape Call: compatibility with latest Jitsi version

  • Grape Call: fixed delay on “Troubleshooting” button

  • Sending events to Electron about started/finished call to let desktop app focus/reopen call window for calls in same channel (web-client)


  • Grape Call: Fixed user not being removed from the invited list bar

  • Fixed message count for badges and empty groups

  • Prevent XSS in “All my groups” list

  • Payment now considers PAYMENT_MODULE_ENABLED instead of ON_PREMISE

Compatibility and upgrading

Please upgrade the websetup before upgrading Grape by running the following 3 commands as the grape user:

  • cd /data/grape/websetup

  • docker-compose pull

  • docker-compose up -d

Then upgrade Grape to the new stable 4.30.x

In order to enable the new languages you need to set the languages you want the Websetup under Configuration -> Grape and then save those settings.

Version 4.29.2 (2020-10-12)


  • Grape Call: fixed issue with audio and video on latest Chrome and Firefox

Version 4.29.1 (2020-10-06)


  • Added common abbreviations like … to link unfurl blacklist


  • Fixed YouTube key typo in

  • Fixed a possible vulnerability in export page

  • Fixed an issue that could allow a user already in a call to be invited again

  • Fixed issue that groups without messages are not shown in the overview

Version 4.29.0 (2020-09-29)

Highlights and new features

  • Grape now has support for video preview! When you post a video, you will see a embedded player and don’t need to download it anymore.

  • You can now join a Grape Call with multiple devices.


  • Grape Call: Removed some annoying popups

  • Grape Call: allows a user to join the same call with multiple devices

  • Grape Call: New endpoint to collect Grape Call logs

  • Grape Call: Make web client logs available on the debug page

  • Create Apple VoIP Push Notification service type

  • Added possibility to trace VoIP notifications on the Trace Admin for debugging

  • Included name of the field that changed on the “changed detail” email notification

  • Only show status in monitor for things that are actually enabled

  • External Search can be configured from the environment

  • Added Image Preview In Email Notification

  • Added support for video preview

  • Dropped support for WNS Push Notifications

  • The registration form for both invitation by email or by link will now have the same fields and validators

  • Fixed German translation in Guest invitation confirmation email

  • Changed main font to Noto Sans (web-client)


  • Fixed an issue where exif orientation information (rotate/flip) in uploaded images was sometimes not applied correctly

  • Fixed an issue where image sizes with 0 vertical size could lead to a server error

  • Avoid name conflicts when exporting organization or user data

  • Fixed mixed idioms on “Guest joined” email

  • Old guest’s groups not suggested again after clicking on “remove all” button

  • Fixed avatar size on ringing screen

  • Fixed endless loading of Trace Notifications Admin

  • Prevent XSS in group members list

  • Fixed guest expiration date format in the guests list

  • Fixed Polish date format in several places

  • Don’t change name of uploaded files

  • Fixed issue where a functional redis connection was shown as critical in the debug page

  • Fixed issue that the rest API raises a server error when deleting PMs of a user by user ID and add missing username filter

  • Fixed jumping cursor when user receiving message and typing on same time (web-client)

  • Fixed displaying GIFs twice from Grape Search with text in text input posts (web-client)

  • Tooltips for buttons now closing correctly, after a user left page or clicked a button with tooltip (web-client)

  • Grape Call messages on desktop client will now always open calls in a new window (web-client)

  • Do not allow to user edit message when message didn’t send yet (web-client)

  • Inviting users to group with user ID, instead of email. Prevents errors in organizations with hidden emails (web-client)

  • Fixed issue that empty PMs are shown on top of the user’s overview and say there.

  • Fixed issue that users cannot see old messages in private channels when they get newly added via the REST API

  • Fixed issue that the rest API raises a server error when deleting PMs of a user by user ID and add missing username filter

Compatibility and upgrading

  • The effect of disabling 1:1 or group Grape Calls also changed. Until now, the only difference would be no ringing or group call features like adding user to a call. With this update, the user will now get a 404 when trying to enter a call (with a direct link, for example)



  • A new configuration was added to the Grape Call admin: “Enable invitation”. When enabled (default), it will allow users to invite more users to a group call

Known Issues

  • Groups without a message in them are not shown in the sidebar after refreshing

Version 4.28.1 (2020-09-01)


  • Fixed an issue where the sidebar chat couldn’t access your grape session cookie in some chrome browser versions

Version 4.28.0 (2020-08-03)


  • The available languages can now be now configured by setting the environment variable ENABLED_LANGUAGES, that receives a list of language codes (e.g. de,pl). English is always enabled and cannot be disabled.

  • Added docs for Grape Call upgrade

  • Enriched data sent by Grape Call to Sentry to improve debugging


  • Fix error 500 when accessing Grape from the non-default domain, f.e. via iframe

  • Fixed issue with Polish characters (web-client)

Version 4.27.2 (2020-08-28)


  • Fixed an issue where the sidebar chat couldn’t access your grape session cookie in some chrome browser versions

Version 4.27.1 (2020-08-10)


  • Fix error 500 when accessing Grape from the non-default domain, f.e. via iframe

Version 4.27.0 (2020-07-17)


  • It is now possible to login to grape with email/password for Crowd Users so long as the email matches the crowd users’

  • Do not handle mentions inside quote


  • Fixed translation for “Group name too long”

Version 4.26.4 (2020-08-28)


  • Fixed an issue where the sidebar chat couldn’t access your grape session cookie in some chrome browser versions

Version 4.26.3 (2020-08-10)


  • Fix error 500 when accessing Grape from the non-default domain, f.e. via iframe

Version 4.26.2 (2020-07-14)


  • Fixed translation for message input placeholder (web-client)

Version 4.26.1 (2020-07-13)


  • Grape Call: Fixed wrong font definition

  • Fixed issue when Polish characters used another font (web-client)

Version 4.26.0 (2020-07-09)

Highlights and new features

  • Grape now has support for Polish! You can just switch your language on your settings page.


  • Updated to Django 2.2.14

  • Added session timeout behaviour option SESSION_EXPIRE_AFTER_LAST_ACTIVITY (default True) should user session timeout be reset to full duration after user action yes/no.

  • Added a new setting SESSION_EXPIRE_AFTER_LAST_ACTIVITY_GRACE_PERIOD - defaults to 10% of SESSION_COOKIE_AGE. Only after this time has passed the cookie will be updated in order to not spam the database


  • Fixed issue that might allow a user to re-invite members from another organization

Compatibility and upgrading

  • By default now user sessions will no longer timeout as long as the user is active. Whenever a User visits any of the Grape pages, their session timout will be reset to the full duration (set in SESSION_COOKIE_AGE). If you still want to force your users to login after SESSION_COOKIE_AGE seconds, set SESSION_EXPIRE_AFTER_LAST_ACTIVITY to False

Version 4.25.1 (2020-07-09)


  • Fixed screensharing on desktop apps 2.19.x

Version 4.25.0 (2020-07-03)


  • Update to Django 2.2.10

  • New Django Admin to manage beta features

  • Messages sent by a bot will now have the user’s timezone


  • Fixed a HTTP 500 error when accessing a Grape Call without an organization membership

  • Fix Google Drive sync for folders without a parent

  • Webhook channel dropdown is now searchable

Version 4.24.2 (2020-07-09)


  • Fixed screensharing on desktop apps 2.19.x

Version 4.24.1 (2020-07-02)


  • Added retry logic to the celery active_queues call

  • Increase debug info for JSONDecodeError on external search query

  • Reduce log level for when system fails to set last read message

  • Fixed an error when deleting a message attachment

  • Grape search and message inputs no more using same translation key (web-client)

  • Fix typo in the code that checks if the notification event belongs to the organization (web-client)

Version 4.24.0 (2020-06-26)


  • Reduce load time of django admin for “Room” model


  • Guest will be locked after the last channel membership is removed

  • Fixed translation of help text for 2FA

  • Fixed an issue that prevented an existing user to accept an invitation while logged.

  • Fixed user list filter on statistics page

  • Don’t allow organization owners to leave if there is no other admin

Version 4.23.6 (2020-07-09)


  • Fixed screensharing on desktop apps 2.19.x

Version 4.23.5 (2020-07-02)


  • Added retry logic to the celery active_queues call

  • Increase debug info for JSONDecodeError on external search query

  • Reduce log level for when system fails to set last read message

  • Fixed an error when deleting a message attachment

  • Grape search and message inputs no more using same translation key (web-client)

  • Fix typo in the code that checks if the notification event belongs to the organization (web-client)

Version 4.23.4 (2020-06-25)


  • Fixed an issue where Crowd Users with uppercase characters in the username could not login

Version 4.23.3 (2020-06-24)


  • Fixed an issue that makes Grape Call to reload when calling offline users

Version 4.23.2 (2020-06-17)


  • Improved error reporting if crowd password change failed


  • When a user is removed in a synced crowd group they get logged out

Version 4.23.1 (2020-06-17)


  • Fixed typo on support email

Version 4.23.0 (2020-06-16)


  • New Django Admin for Grape Call configuration

  • Guests can now set a profile avatar on the registration form

  • Added number of consumers to queue debug page

  • Added “available_languages” to the config endpoint

  • It’s now possible to set a language for the invitation email


  • Respect inviting role when the user already exists

  • Do not promote members automatically when reactivating membership

  • Removed call to external resource when generating the docs

  • Fixed issue that prevented newly created organizations to be displayed on Android

  • Fixed an issue where creating a BotApi Integration User could result in an Error 500

  • Fixed an issue with users that had no email address causing organization invites to raise an error

  • Display the selected bot avatar file name and make it optional

  • Mentions sidebar not crashing randomly anymore

  • When crowd password reset fails, we display the error message rather than an arbitrary Internal Server Error

  • Fixed translation of error messages for SSO invitation

  • Respect language selection on the registration form

  • Updated celery to fix and issue that cause the consumer to stop consuming the queue

  • Use absolute paths on “message#new” event

  • Deleting an attachment will now also delete the file references

  • Make sure to save billing info only when all info is valid

  • Added server side validation for the action of pinning a message

  • Fixed invisible switch in delete team dialog

  • Display proper timezone on Download Center

  • Prevent sending message to wrong channel, with typing block while user switching channels (web-client)

  • “Only in this conversation” checkbox works as expected now (web-client)

Compatibility and upgrading

  • The env vars GRAPE_CALL_MAX_USERS_IN_CALL and GRAPE_CALL_AUDIO_STARTED_MUTED were removed. These settings can now be changed on the new Grape Call configuration admin

  • The configuration for Grape Call will be automatically created after the first call and will be used for all other calls. Make sure to change this configuration according to your needs (ex. video resolution, preferred encoding etc).

Version 4.22.1 (2020-05-19)


  • Fixed an issue where login via AD didn’t work for some users

Version 4.22.0 (2020-05-18)


  • Drop GCM support

  • Simpler UX for delete message admin


  • Do not show ‘Billing Issue’ for normal users

  • Fixed exception handling on Celery Monitor

  • Fixed an issue where newly added AD Users where not added to Grape on AD Sync

  • Fixed “Enable 2FA SMS” form actions

  • Fixed actions for inactive users section

  • Grape Call: several UX issues

Compatibility and upgrading

  • Old Android devices that don’t support FCM no longer receive Push Notifications since 6.9.2019 because google terminated that service. Now Grape removes it’s support as well. All GCM devices were removed on Grape version 4.10.5

Version 4.21.6 (2020-05-27)


  • Fixed Profile Form saving Error when email is hidden

Version 4.21.5 (2020-05-11)


  • Added HIDE_EMAIL_FIELD_REGEX setting that hides emails that matches a regex pattern from all users in all clients


  • Fixed organization filter on Delete Message Admin

  • Fixed some visual issues of Grape Call

Compatibility and upgrading

  • The env var HIDE_EMAIL_FIELD_DOMAIN is deprecated in favor of HIDE_EMAIL_FIELD_REGEX.

Version 4.21.4 (2020-05-06)


  • Optimize some queries

  • Remove popup for trial period


  • Fix screensharing on desktop apps

  • Don’t send payment failed emails to customers that are billed manually

  • Subscription info should be always visible on payment section

  • Proper translate credit card labels on billing page

  • Fixed usage period on invoices

  • Fixed a bug that might prevent user to choose proper plan on checkout form

Compatibility and upgrading

  • This version requires Grape Calldocker image version 2020-04-30.

Version 4.21.3 (2020-04-30)


  • Optimization for Channels.get_overview RPC

Version 4.21.2 (2020-04-27)


  • Fixed issue that might allow crowd users to login with Grape credentials

  • Fixed wrong references to Redis databases on the debug page

Version 4.21.1 (2020-04-26)


  • Fix wrong reference to “standard” celery queue

  • Added login button on desktop app after logout

  • Added “back to chat” button in settings on desktop app

Version 4.21.0 (2020-04-21)

Highlights and new features

This version brings a lot of performance improvements to our RPCs. They are faster and open much less redis and postgresql connections.


  • Optimization for Channels.get RPC

  • Optimization for Channels.get_overview RPC

  • Optimization for RPC

  • Improved documentation about installation and hardware requirements


  • Trying to remove a member from a group using the settings pages would lead to 500

  • Removing BotAPI instances will free up their respective Username for future use

  • Added user’s first name to Organization Overview RPC

  • Fixed “Invite Settings” template

  • Icons’ URL are now absolute for custom integrations. Relative URLs prevented te icons to be displayed on mobile clients

  • Fixed Grape Call screensharing on Firefox

Version 4.20.1 (2020-04-01)


  • Added filter by channel on Trace Notification admin

  • Removed unused Joined Event when creating PMs

  • Improved response time of organization overview


  • Device tokens are now deleted when user logs out

Version 4.20.0 (2020-03-30)


  • Added support to openLDAP

  • Move sending badges to celery


  • Fixed a bug where “Join call” message link opens in a secondary window on desktop app if the Grape Call domain is different from the chat domain (web-client)

Version 4.19.2 (2020-03-29)


  • New RPCs for benchmarking

Version 4.19.1 (2020-03-28)


  • New Django Admin to delete messages

  • Fixed a potential security vulnerability on Grape Call for instances with multiple organizations


  • Fixed footer URL for uploaded files in link previews

Version 4.19.0 (2020-03-22)


  • New remote logout API to terminate sessions of users

Version 4.18.1 (2020-03-26)


  • Fixed a potential security vulnerability on Grape Call for instances with multiple organizations

Version 4.18.0 (2020-03-20)


  • Added cg_link parsing for Custom Webhook messages

  • New Status Dashboard

  • Reduce Redis DBs

  • Grape Call: do not check call status if Grape Call is not enabled

  • Grape Call: added possibility to mute the nth call member

  • Added possibility to disable pwned password check

  • Added possibility to disable django axes

  • Show username in a title for PMs (web-client)

  • Do not display user with an empty name if search results in new conversation dialog empty (web-client)

  • Show friendly message in new conversation dialog with a link to invitation screen, if user alone in an organization (web-client)

  • Always show a non-existing user in a new conversation dialog, to let user invite him by email (web-client)


  • Fixed system messages’ title in the messages overview

  • Organization owner cannot leave anymore when he or she is the last user

  • Fixed field “title” for activities on get_overview RPC

  • Channels searching now takes channel membership status into consideration

  • Client no more crashing while the opening of inviting screen if a user doesn’t participate in any channels/PMs (web-client)

Compatibility and upgrading

  • You can know disable pwned password check by setting PWNED_PASSWORDS_CHECK_ENABLED=0 on your env.

  • Also, if you don’t want to block users who typed the wrong password multiple times, you can set GRAPE_AXES_ENABLED=0 on your env.

Version 4.17.9 (2020-04-21)


  • Dynamically get Celery default queue

Version 4.17.8 (2020-04-20)


  • Added standard queue to the Celery Queue debug page

Version 4.17.7 (2020-04-01)


  • Added some protections to the HipChat importer

Version 4.17.6 (2020-03-30)


  • Added filter by channel on Trace Notification admin

  • Move sending badges to celery


  • Fixed a bug where “Join call” message link opens in a secondary window on desktop app if the Grape Call domain is different from the chat domain (web-client)

Version 4.17.5 (2020-03-29)


  • New Django Admin to debug notifications.

Compatibility and upgrading

  • A new environment variable NOTIFICATION_TRACE_ENABLED to control tracing notifications. When enabled, all notifications (except call notifications) will be traceable.

Version 4.17.4 (2020-03-26)


  • Fixed a potential security vulnerability on Grape Call for instances with multiple organizations

Version 4.17.3 (2020-03-20)


  • Many improvements to reduce redis queries

  • AD improvements

Version 4.17.2 (2020-03-18)


  • Grape Call: added possibility to mute the nth call member

Compatibility and upgrading

  • A new environment variable GRAPE_CALL_AUDIO_STARTED_MUTED was added (default: 5). This variables will make the nth participant who joins a call start muted and to not trigger any notification sound.

Version 4.17.1 (2020-03-04)


  • Added possibility to restrict guest invites to admins only

  • Added possibility to disable forcing the 2FA for newly created organizations


  • Push tokens will be removed when a user is deactivated

  • Fix readonly date field style for guest invitation form

  • Fixed an issue that prevented newly created organizations to appear on the organizations list

Version 4.17.0 (2020-02-25)


  • AD login no longer requires the organization subdomain unless the LDAPConnection servers are ambiguous

Version 4.16.5 (2020-03-17)


  • Grape Call: added possibility to mute the nth call member

Compatibility and upgrading

  • A new environment variable GRAPE_CALL_AUDIO_STARTED_MUTED was added (default: 5). This variables will make the nth participant who joins a call start muted and to not trigger any notification sound.

Version 4.16.4 (2020-03-04)


  • Grape Call: several UX issues while inviting user to a group call

  • Grape Call: Added “manual” to missed call event to differentiate invitations and normal calls

  • Fixed wrong status for Grape Call button, when partner already busy with another call (web-client)

Version 4.16.3 (2020-02-25)


  • New Grape default user avatar

  • Add management command and django admin to fix the badge count for users when it drifts

  • Added support to APN Auth Token


  • Grape Call: several UX issues

  • Grape Call: removed some unnecessary VoIP pushes

  • Grape logo was not being displayed in some emails

  • Fixed an issue where some file previews didn’t work on mobile apps

  • Do not react for event for call related events from another organization (web-client)

  • Handle correctly deleted channel which is currently open (web-client)

  • Exclude pinned channels from search for last channel from get_overview before loading more channels for navigation (web-client)

  • Fixed detection of last used channel (web-client)

  • Do not open new tab with full client when user trying to set nonexistent channel with setChannel API from embedded chat (web-client)

  • Fix closing warning after timeout (web-client)

  • Handle correctly /chat route (web-client)

Version 4.16.2 (2020-02-12)


  • Improved client performance of settings pages

  • Hide bubble menu for status messages (web-client)

  • Do not accept empty channelId parameter for API setChannel function (web-client)


  • Use proper URL format when sending out email notifications for new PM message

  • Fixed a bug where the unread messages count for bot messages didn’t change after messages were read

  • Grape Call: fixed room name

  • Grape Call: added a new screen for when user is not reachable

  • Do not display user in members list of current channel if user joined another channel (web-client)

  • Correctly handle visiting non-existing channel (web-client)

Version 4.16.1 (2020-02-11)


  • Added to network requirements docs

Version 4.16.0 (2020-02-10)


  • Grape Call: new Debug Dashboard

  • Grape Call: added versioning to CSS and JS files

  • Make guest postfix in display name translatable

  • Added setting to prevent guests from editing/deleting their messages

  • Added setting to disable guest invite

  • User cannot automatically rejoin groups anymore

  • Migrate old groups so that their creator is admin in the group

  • Removed status column from manage group members

  • Added full organization member display name to manage group members view

  • When the invite guest feature is disabled, hide the “all guests” and “my guests” tab in the manage members section

  • Better translations for the roles of the group member view

  • Increased priority to high for mentions and pm notifications

  • Added command to create organization

  • Added warning dialogue to Group > Members if you are the only admin of the group

  • Added confirmation pop-up when user trying to leave a private channel (web-client)

  • Load channels with get_overview, by chunks of 50 (web-client)

  • Added possibility to edit/delete unsent message (web-client)

  • Added border color to link attachments, if “color” field exist (web-client)


  • Grape Call: Keep Alive will now add user back to call if necessary

  • Grape Call: fixed protection against disconnection

  • Grape Call: fixed RPCs to avoid spamming

  • Grape Call: fixed possible XSS attack on group call search dialogue

  • Grape Call: fixed scrolling on calling screen

  • Fixed issue that public channels appear on top for non-members until they refresh the web client

  • Removed HTTP referrer as last_location for back button in some templates

  • Fixed REST API pagination that could contain items from previous page

  • Fixed “” partner data

  • Fixed user’s display name on “channel.joined” event

  • Added “last_message” object to “channel.joined” event

  • Fixed issue that allowed users to start a Grape Call with an inactive user

  • Fixed searching for rooms on Django admin

  • Fixed sorting and searching on teams settings page

  • Disabled drag and drop for buttons on members settings page

  • Disconnect user from Crowd Sync when he is converted to a guest and warn admin about it

  • Fixed event ‘message.removed’ being sent before the ES index was update

  • Fixed ‘channel.removed’ event after channel is deleted

  • Fixed issue where group members data table returns an error for group members that are not part of the organization anymore

  • Fixed issue with empty email field on changing settings form

  • Do not automatically join users to groups in some cases

  • Fixed “Channel.get_overview” returning inactive channel memberships

  • Fixed issue that all clients using http long polling had English translations in the responses of RPCs

  • Fixed issue that permission error messages were always in server language

  • Fixed issue that normal users had a 403 when they wanted to remove their own membership

  • Close incoming call pop-up immediately after user clicked accept ot reject button (web-client)

  • Display activity messages with different author names separately (web-client)

  • Show video call button based on “can_start_videoconference” permission (web-client)

Version 4.15.0 (2020-01-16)


  • Now it’s possible to cancel an invitation to a group call


  • Fixed issues with Grape Call session that might prevent user to rejoin a call or join a new one

  • Fixed expiration time for Grape Call invitation

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes inviting guests wasn’t possible if the inviter had no language selected

  • Fixed a bug where users couldn’t re-send a guest invite mail

  • Fixed issue with naive time objects when checking if user can still edit a message

  • fix issue where a user that left a private group could not be invited anymore

  • Grape Call Search is visible after the call is ended

  • Fix issue with images not being properly displayed in emails

  • Added “calls” to PM serializer

Version 4.14.2 (2020-01-07)


  • Highlight first user returned by search and allow selection by pressing enter and navigation keys

  • From this version on, newly created organizations without VAT will be locked until Grape Sales department manually solve this case


  • Fixed error when a single day was selected on statistics page

  • The “call.finished” event was being sent twice

  • Visual fixes for the Grape Call search sidebar

  • Users invited to a call will also have “in call” status while ringing

  • Fixed in_call status when user rejoins a call after an error occurred

  • Better handle reconnection

  • Fixed call message when user misses a call

  • Prevent displaying icon for regular message only if tag exist, added check for doc_type (web-client)

  • Handle correctly icons with undefined name (web-client)

  • Close call status window by call id comparison (web-client)

  • Update user status in sidebar (web-client)

  • Correct behavior of Grape Call button after page reloads (web-client)

Version 4.14.1 (2019-12-19)


  • Ignore label-server queue on self-test page if NLP is disabled for the organization


  • Fixed JS error on Jitsi page that occurs when user doesn’t have permission to invite other users to the call

  • Grape Call might end itself if a previous call on that same channel was not finished properly

Version 4.14.0 (2019-12-18)


  • Added documentation for JIRA Add-on

  • Minor improvements to Grape Call UX

  • Added specific configuration to enable AppDynamics for Android, iOS, server and web client

  • Replaced channels data from get_org to data from get_overview

  • Added privacy policy and terms of service to the login page

  • Users can now be downgraded to guests in the manage members view

  • When registering with Invite Link, new users must accept the Privacy Policy

  • Added Sentry Monitoring to Grape Call

  • Handle events and change video icon button for group calls (web-client)

  • Display correct data in incoming call pop-up for group calls (web-client)

  • Handle call status pop-up for group calls (web-client)


  • SSO ensures to always use the same user email, if the assertion sends more than one email address attribute

  • Fixed user status on Grape Call search

  • Invitations were not being canceled after finishing a call

  • Added “members in call” to Grape Call admin and disabled adding and changing a new Grape Call

  • Prevent users to be in multiple calls

  • Fixed data exporting

  • Superuser and staff user could access the Django admin without typing the Two Factor Authentication, if enabled

  • Removed stripe information from Customer admin that was causing a huge load time

  • Fixed bug in sso where email was not recognized

  • Script that fixes call status was not sending proper events

  • Now user can search for messages while in a call on background (web-client)

Compatibility and upgrading

  • A new environment var ADYNAMICS_ANDROID_ENABLE was added. It can be set to 1 to enable android monitoring

  • Grape Call web client can now send errors to Sentry. To enable it, simple set SENTRY_GRAPECALL_DSN on your environment with the proper value. You an use either an existing Sentry project or create a new one (recommended).

Version 4.13.2 (2019-12-11)


  • FEATURE_MESSAGE_EDIT_TIMEOUT is enabled by default

  • Bypass browser cache

Version 4.13.1 (2019-12-04)


  • Group Calls were not respecting incoming_call_group_enabled flag

  • Fix broken backward compatibility for notifications

Version 4.13.0 (2019-12-02)

Highlights and new features

  • This version brings GroupCalls to Grape! You can start a GroupCall by clicking on video icon on a group and then all members on this group will see a message to join the call. You can also invite more people by just searching for then while in the call and they will receive the incoming call on their devices as 1:1 call.

  • the /settings/debug page has now a monitor for all worker queues and the possibility to reset them if jobs queue up too much.


  • GroupCalls

  • Inactive users and guests can only be seen by org administrators.

  • Normal users can only see active users and guests they invited.

  • Emails are not self containing all images in base64 rather then linking to external sources.

  • Admins cannot leave a group if they are the last remaining admin until they make another group member admin.

  • Privacy policy and terms of service is now configurable on server basis


  • Fixed displaying activity messages in navigation (web-client)

  • Fixed issue that first message of a group did not show the date

  • Fixed issue that guests can still login after expiration but only see their PMs

  • Fixed issue where the group table throws an error when there is no group creator

  • Fixed issue where the online status can be off after some time until the user refreshes the client

Version 4.12.3 (2019-11-15)


  • Fixed issue where re-joining of private groups did not work properly on some devices

Version 4.12.2 (2019-11-14)


  • Fixed issue with permissions to join a call

  • Fixed issue with pubsub channels

  • Added callUUID parameter to Jitsi that fixes issue with duplicated calls on iOS

  • Fixed an server error that could happen when fetching a PrivateConversation object

  • Fixed issue with and events

  • Return sending stop typing event (web-client)

  • Fixed issue when user didn’t see PM from new users (web-client)

  • Fixed displaying of system.messages (web-client)

Version 4.12.1 (2019-10-29)


  • Fixed issue with status in call not giving away

Version 4.12.0 (2019-10-29)


  • Prepare backend for GroupCalls

  • Move Grape Call to Postgresql

  • Send Hung Up event as VOIP

  • StatusChange events are now published on user channel rather than organization channel

  • Other pubsub events optimization (message removed and channel join)

Version 4.11.5 (2019-11-05)


  • Fixed an server error that could happen when fetching a PrivateConversation object

Version 4.11.4 (2019-10-25)


  • Inactive users now have “(inactive)” in their display name

  • Custom Privacy Policy

  • New API to logout crowd users.

  • Crowd servers now have an individual token which can be sent to the logout-api to logout users

Compatibility and upgrading

In order for your own privacy policy to work, you need to set the new environment variable PRIVACY_POLICY_URL with the URL you want. Default is

Version 4.11.3 (2019-10-15)


  • Fixed an issue where users were sometimes not properly disconnected after being set to inactive

Version 4.11.2 (2019-10-15)


  • Fixed link preview for iOS imgur and giphy cglinks

Version 4.11.1 (2019-10-15)

Highlights and new features

A lot of improvements were done to pubsub engine so as to minimize the amount of requests done by the clients.


  • Pubsub events optimization.

  • Removed unnecessary calls to backend (web-client)


  • Fixed issue where rest API returned a different error when duplicates happened with username/email if they were uppercase

  • Set clearInterval for call status pop-up when it’s not visible (web-client)

  • Displaying custom emojis correctly in sidebar (web-client)

  • Last letter no more in input, after user mentioned from start or center of word (web-client)

Version 4.11.0 (2019-10-14)

Highlights and new features

This release brings a lot of performance improvements to events and notifications.

It also introduces new RPCs and permissions as a first step towards group Grape Calls and an advanced view for managing groups and group members.


  • Added new permissions for calls: “can_add_users_to_call”

  • Added RPC for searching for users to be added to a group Grape Call

  • Added channel name and type to all Grape Call events and notifications

  • Added group and group members management in organization settings

  • Improved logging handler

  • Split AppDynamics configuration between server and client

  • Warn Crowd users that changing the password change will affect all applications that use this crowd user

  • Removed polling session_state each 5 seconds (web-client)

  • Show members list link in sidebar (web-client)


  • Fixed bugs with Google Drive Integration

  • Guest was shown as “expired” even though he or she was still active

  • Don’t spam all users when members are added to default groups

  • User who is not allowed to create an Organization will no longer see the “New Organization” button in the dashboard

  • Fixed crashes when user sending two custom emojis in same message (web-client)

  • Swapped to gray call icon for finished calls (web-client)

Compatibility and upgrading

  • This upgrade will create a new ES index grp.servicedata_2_. The old index will be automatically removed on next version.

  • Deployment might take a bit longer (depending on the amount of data) due a migration to remove old data related to user session.

  • A new environment var ADYNAMICS_WEB_ENABLE was added. It can be set to 1 to enable web client monitoring

Version 4.10.7 (2019-11-05)


  • Fixed an server error that could happen when fetching a PrivateConversation object

Version 4.10.6 (2019-10-18)


  • User who is not allowed to create an Organization will no longer see the “New Organization” button in the dashboard

Version 4.10.5 (2019-10-03)


  • Move “process_room_invite” task to “emails” queue

  • Reduce log level for “WampMsgType.INVALID”

  • Migration to remove old GCM tokens

Version 4.10.4 (2019-09-30)


  • Performance improvement when saving inactive users

Version 4.10.3 (2019-09-25)


  • Setting users to inactive in crowd and triggering a resync in grape will now log the inactive users out on all devices

  • Some AD users whose name contains special characters and who have no email can’t change their avatars.

Version 4.10.2 (2019-09-17)


  • Fix issue where the creator of a new group was not able to send and receive messages in this group until he reloaded the client.

  • Prevent messages without time to break the “edit_timeout _exceeded” predicate

  • Proper display Stripe errors on checkout page

Version 4.10.1 (2019-09-12)


  • Fixed payment migration

Version 4.10.0 (2019-09-12)

Highlights and new features

This version brings several improvements to payment flow and prepares Grape to Strong Customer Authentication Read more.


  • Added permissions to messages so as clients can proper handle actions like quoting, editing and deleting messages

  • Added Reverse Charge text to the invoices

  • Added support to Strong Customer Authentication

  • VAT ID and billing address are now mandatory

  • Improved Grape Call events documentation


  • Fixed charts on debug page

  • Fixed display of inactive form fields on the settings pages

  • Fixed a condition that might stop the data export process

Version 4.9.4 (2019-09-30)


  • Performance improvement when saving inactive users

Version 4.9.3 (2019-09-25)


  • Setting users to inactive in crowd and triggering a resync in grape will now log the inactive users out on all devices

  • Some AD users whose name contains special characters and who have no email can’t change their avatars.

Version 4.9.2 (2019-09-17)


  • Fix issue where the creator of a new group was not able to send and receive messages in this group until he reloaded the client.

Version 4.9.1 (2019-09-05)


  • Use new queue for sending emails

Version 4.9.0 (2019-08-30)


  • Group creator is added as role_admin automatically

  • Allow regular expressions in Django Admin for certain models and fields

  • Expose pm-members like group-members on the REST API

  • Make the last_read_timestamp queryable

  • Added more lookup operators to the REST API

  • Added FCM and removed GCM from self test page


  • Renamed permission can_see_members_list to can_see_channel_members

  • Only use web sockets on Grape Call web client

  • Allow GitHub activities without an actor

  • Groups dialogue list items no more triggering on click event (web-client)

Version 4.8.0 (2019-08-13)

Highlights and new features

This version brings some performance improvement to Grape Call by moving notifications to a dedicated Celery queue that will process call notifications asynchronously This makes code execution faster and will reduce push messages delays


  • Added RPC that returns call information

  • Call pushes are now processed asynchronously

  • Exposed read only field ad_sAMAccountName from user model to REST API so it is searchable

  • Added calling screen to start Grape Call

  • Added messages attribute to the response of broadcast_message to identify which user got which message by id

  • Made call status pop-up draggable (web-client)

  • Grape Search and remove attachment window no more located behind sidebar chat in Jira (web-client)

  • Removed double scroll bar for navigation in Firefox (web-client)

  • Comparing call_id of received event with current call_id (web-client)


  • Do not send messages related to finished calls

  • Fixed group mentioning

  • Correctly handle hung_up event, to close call status pop-up (web-client)

  • Do not show incoming call to caller (web-client)

Compatibility and upgrading

Make sure the new queue Grape Call is already configured on your environment.

Version 4.7.4 (2019-07-31)


  • Fixed typo in font name

  • Fixed app crashes while receiving notification from new user (web-client)

Version 4.7.3 (2019-07-30)


  • Fixed crashes when user declined call in Firefox (web-client)

Version 4.7.2 (2019-07-29)


  • Fix issue with non-call pushes to APNS

  • Send the proper event when caller cancels the call before receiver picks it up

Version 4.7.1 (2019-07-29)


  • Added support to VoIP APNs Pushes


  • Fixed system message for Missed Call

  • Fixed screen sharing on Electron

  • Send cancel rpc from incoming call notification when user didn’t pick up call (web-client)

  • Fixed time in call status (web-client)

  • Removed call logic from embedded (web-client)

  • Removed on close event for incoming call notification (web-client)

Version 4.7.0 (2019-07-26)


  • Added Celery task to clean up invalid Redis keys associated to Grape Call

  • Added FCM and APNs pushes for rejected and joined call


  • Fixed issues with inviting guests due language settings

  • Fixed exporting user data on Django Admin

Version 4.6.0 (2019-07-25)


  • Added env setting CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS to be used with django

  • Added reconnection logic to Jitsi HTML

  • Added 3 seconds delay for displaying reconnection bar (web-client)

  • Changed reachable status color from red to blue (web-client)

  • Added incoming call notification (web-client)


  • Added support to Two-Factor authentication to auth token endpoint

Version 4.5.0 (2019-07-18)


  • Synchronized elapsed time of call with help of “started_at” field (web-client)


  • Fixed calls dashboard crashing for user or channel not found on Redis

  • Fixed more issues with users’ status

  • Fixed Google Drive integration

  • Fixed Evernote synchronization

  • Fixed freezes after finishing tutorial for new users (web-client)

  • Fixed overlapping sound for incoming call (web-client)

Version 4.4.3 (2019-07-10)


  • HipChat Importer: tag all imported messages to avoid deleting wrong messages

Version 4.4.2 (2019-07-05)


  • HipChat Importer: Protection against ‘PermissionError’ when creating a channel

  • Fix admin view to send incoming call data

Version 4.4.1 (2019-07-04)


  • Avoid charset errors while printing messages

Version 4.4.0 (2019-07-04)

Highlights and new features

This new version brings a lot of improvements to Grape Call by introducing a manager to keep track of calls so as system can knows exactly who is in a call and sending call events according to this information. This means Grape Call is not relying anymore only on clients (iOS, Android and web client) as they can go offline at any time because of, for example, connectivity issues.


  • All calls are now managed by a centralized code that controls user status and call messages

  • Added creation date to billing view in django admin

  • Implemented support of in_call status (web-client)

  • Implemented system messages (web-client)

  • Call status window (web-client)

  • Saving messages to local storage to restore them after client reloads (web-client)

  • Custom views for status messages (web-client)


  • System Messages’ text are now correctly displayed on get_overview RPC

  • Fixed call receiver calling initiator back if it takes more than 30s to answer a call

  • Fixed issue with users’ status

  • Fixed invoices’ translation

  • Fixed get_user RPC documentation

  • Fixed organization logo in some emails

  • Fixed users loosing their channel memberships when they got disconnected from and reconnected to crowd

  • Fixed JIRA integration indexing

  • Show green status color when user have ‘in_call’ status (web-client)

Version 4.3.0 (2019-06-06)


  • Possibility to resume the HipChat importer from the last completed task

  • System Messages for Grape Call


  • Fixed “ghost” call notifications

  • Fixed an issue where link previews appeared duplicated in some cases

Compatibility and upgrading

  • This version defaults INCOMING_CALL_PUBLISH_MESSAGES back to True. Please, check if you set the correct value. If you want to disable it, just set INCOMING_CALL_PUBLISH_MESSAGES=0.

Version 4.2.1 (2019-06-04)


  • Overrides max number of guests allowed

Version 4.2.0 (2019-05-28)

Highlights and new features

  • Now it’s possible to import HipChat data into an organization either via GUI or command line interface. Data will be fully converted to grape format including mentioning, link previews, file and image attachments and NLP.


  • HipChat data importer

  • Added “mutable_content” and “category” to iOS call pushes

  • Changed missed call notification sound

  • High resolution avatars for Grape Call


  • Improved server stability when receiving erroneous websocket messages

  • Add new BlockedDomainEmailValidator which can block email domains from being invited or signup


  • Fixed a minor display issue with certificates on the self-test page

  • Fix organization ID validation, which might break iOS requests in some situations

  • Fixed attachment disappearing when updating message

  • Setting a user to is_active=False via the manage api should log this user out

  • Close incoming call window after user rejected call on another device (web-client)

Compatibility and upgrading

  • Version 4.1.0 introduced some debug messages for Grape Call status and the environment variable INCOMING_CALL_PUBLISH_MESSAGES to allow or disallow the publishing of those messages. By default, it was enabled. Version 4.2.0 defaults it to False. If you want to keep the previous behavior, just set INCOMING_CALL_PUBLISH_MESSAGES=1.

  • To enable HipChat importer, it’s necessary to set the environment variable HIPCHAT_IMPORTER_ENABLED=1

Version 4.1.0 (2019-05-17)

Highlights and new features

  • Incoming call notification: users will receive a notification when someone is calling him or her (private conversation only)


  • Added defaults object to get_organization response. This allows to specify default group visibility

  • New RPCs for call management

  • Added a new status “Reachable” for when user if offline but has a device registered (web-client and API)

  • Added notifications for incoming Grape Call

  • Added crowd username as option for external search impersonation

  • It is now possible to send webhook messages with Link Attachment objects that render like Link Preview Cards

  • Deliver Grape’s own jitsi HTML

  • Added organization feature that allows channel admins to delete messages of other users

  • Disabled input field in PMs where the partner has no active organization membership.

  • Improved sending badges performance

  • Hide membership list depends on can_see_memberlist value (web-client)

  • Correctly determine default type of new channel in new conversation dialog by visibility value from get_organization (web-client)

  • Added permission delete_any_message (web-client)

  • Added “reconnecting” state, when user clicks on “try again” button in reconnection bar (web-client)


  • Added whitelist logic to websocket protocol validation

  • Fixed issue when deleting users from django admin

  • Added missing Trauby icons

  • Fixed Skype For Business label

  • Fixed user reactivation logic

  • Guests cannot see the guests in get_users RPC anymore

  • Client not crashing anymore, when unknown user invites you to channel (web-client)

  • Display notification permissions bar as needed (web-client)

  • Fixed generation of mention link (web-client)

  • Fixed shifting chat to left side on windows when user press “page down” button (web-client)

  • Preventing race condition when server marks channel as read, but chat didn’t load yet (web-client)

  • Now when user doesn’t have access to channel, info bar will appear (web-client)

  • Fixed member list behavior when user switching channels with opened sidebar (web-client)

Compatibility and upgrading

  • It’s necessary to enable the ringing feature by setting the environment variable INCOMING_CALL_PM_ENABLED=1 on docker

Version 4.0.1 (2019-05-02)

Highlights and new features

  • Added a debug/self-test page that does not call external URLs


  • Fixed an issue with database check in the debug/self-test page

Version 4.0.0 (2019-04-17)

Highlights and new features

  • New Elastic Search 6.6.2


  • Elastic Search was upgraded from version 2.3 to 6.6.2


  • SSO link no longer opens a new window

Compatibility and upgrading

  • It’s necessary to change the docker-compose file to point to the new image and to migrate data to the new ES 6 image

Version 3.18.2 (2019-04-16)


  • Fixed compatibility issue with old desktop clients related to notifications, unread message counter and logging (web-client)

Version 3.18.1 (2019-04-15)


  • Fixed reset password for crowd users

Version 3.18.0 (2019-04-11)


  • Possibility to enable or disable Citrix via server environment


  • Fixed opening external links in desktop app (web-client)

Version 3.17.3 (2019-04-11)


  • Added logging for connection


  • Fixed notifications and unread message counter (web-client)

Version 3.17.2 (2019-04-10)


  • Fixed another issue that could prevent websocket connection in some situations

  • Fixed displaying notification settings for emails

Version 3.17.1 (2019-04-09)


  • Fixed issue that could prevent websocket connection in some situations

Version 3.17.0 (2019-04-08)


  • CrowdUsers can now use the forgot password mechanic to reset crowd password


  • Organization membership is being reactivated if it was deleted at the time the guests room membership was updated

Version 3.16.0 (2019-04-05)


  • More control about who joined an organization

  • Notifies admin when user changes any important information as name and emails

  • Added extra security to websocket connections by only allowing HTTPS and origins without path

Version 3.15.0 (2019-04-04)

Highlights and new features

  • Improved security


  • Added specific permission to see the tutorial (web-client)

  • Added configuration to enforce Two Factor Authentication to chosen roles Read more


  • Fixed negative number in countdown (web-client)

  • Fixed countdown hanging and stopping counting (web-client)

  • Fixed issue with guests without expiration date

  • Fixed expire time on emails to guests.

  • Fixed sending emails to expired guests everyday

  • Fixed calender picker on guest extension page

  • Fixed issue where the user_search returns a server error due to negative indexing

  • Added default “customer” name in case customer name is missing

  • Fixed invitation email to a user who already exists

  • Fixed text on page to enable Two Factor Authentication

  • Fixed side menu on settings page that was showing the button to create a new organization for on premise version

Compatibility and upgrading

  • All new organizations will have Two Factor Authentication enforced by default for admins and owners

  • All organizations (old and new) will have Two Factor Authentication enforced by default for superusers

Version 3.14.8 (2019-03-29)


  • Set standard postgres isolation level to read committed to avoid unnecessary rollbacks

Version 3.14.7 (2019-03-27)


  • Allow changing icon in new conversation dialog (web-client)

  • Proper error handling for sentry in ErrorBoundary (web-client)

Version 3.14.6 (2019-03-26)


  • Split websocket transactions


  • Fixed instrumentation for celery that prevented other services to proper work

Version 3.14.5 (2019-03-21)


  • Fixed default celery configuration file path

Version 3.14.4 (2019-03-21)


  • Fixed celery instrumentation configuration

Version 3.14.3 (2019-03-21)


  • Added instrumentation for celery


  • Fixed issue with instrumentation for websocket that might cause a timeout

Version 3.14.2 (2019-03-20)


  • Fixed collector URL

  • Fixed instrumentation for websocket

Version 3.14.1 (2019-03-20)


  • Fixed crashing app, while clicking to custom emojis picker (web-client)

  • Fixed padding for input, in new conversation and invite dialogs (web-client)

  • Fixed instrumentation for websocket

Version 3.14.0 (2019-03-19)

Highlights and new features


  • Added possibility to hide organization metadata for non admins/owner

  • Added possibility to hide the logout button

Version 3.13.0 (2019-03-18)


  • Hide email field when email is autogenerated (web-client)

  • Improve guest invitation and management flow

  • Added scrollable list for channel members in sidebar


  • Fixed jumpings on users list in new conversation dialog and invitation dialog (web-client)

  • Fixed behavior of jumps to message (web-client)

  • Fixed displaying of newly created channel from jira (web-client)

  • Fixed appearing of channel which user recently joined in navigation (web-client)

  • Fixed jumipng list in new conversation dialog (web-client)

  • Fixed emoji window crash, when search input is deleted (web-client)

  • Fixed permissions for Managed Rooms

Version 3.12.1 (2019-03-12)


  • Fixed issue where crowd users with modified usernames couldn’t change password

Version 3.12.0 (2019-03-12)


  • Removed link from file size text (web-client)

  • Moved video call button to header (web-client)

  • Allowed to restrict creation of a new organizations to superusers only

  • Possibility to disable grape search

  • Possibility to configure the default value of organization features on the server config

  • Added group access permission based on roles (i.e. admin) and actions (i.e. can_post_message)

  • Allow Crowd users to change their password

  • Hide Email Fields for auto generated emails


  • Fixed issue, when a user can’t delete selected user to invite from input field in new conversation dialog (web-client)

  • Removed sending a join request when entering not public groups, in which you are already participating (web-client)

  • Fixed images URLs broken for REST API avatars

  • Fixed issue where the flag GUEST_TO_GUEST_PM also disables user to guest conversations.

  • Fixed issue where PATCH on user’s is_active fails with a 400

  • Fixed possible crash on NLP icon click (web-client)

  • Fixed markdown behaviour to support strikethrough text (web-client)

  • Removed theme color, from unselected tabs in sidebar (web-client)

Version 3.11.2 (2019-03-01)


  • Fixed position of close button for Dialog component (web-client)

  • Fixed displaying “attachment” bubble for IE (web-client)

  • Fixed displaying of “remove attachment” window. Now elements goes one-by-one in column direction (web-client)

  • Fixed reconnection alert (web-client)

Version 3.11.1 (2019-02-28)


  • Fixed displaying warning for browsers which din’t support video conference on Edge (web-client)

Version 3.11.0 (2019-02-27)


  • Handle deeplinks for jitsi calls (web-client)

  • Change z-index for Popover MUI component to 4000 (web-client)

  • Hovering over search result users will show the “What i do” so it’s easier to distinguish same-named users


  • Fixed sorting on statistics page

  • Fixed issue with multiple select boxes

Version 3.10.2 (2019-03-06)


  • Remove “Beta Features” flag

Version 3.10.1 (2019-02-21)


  • Fixed a scenario where interface is not updated after creating a new organization

Version 3.10.0 (2019-02-21)


  • Added ‘can_edit_profile’ and ‘can_see_labels’ permissions (web-client)

  • Added onPin/onUnpit and onRender methods for embedded chat configuration (web-client)

  • Added possibility to configure color scheme (web-client)

  • Added language settings for guests during profile setup

  • Added support to read only users


  • Fixed displaying link with default icon (web-client)

  • Fixed performance issue after applying color scheme configuration (web-client)

  • Fixed several wrong translations

  • Fixed permissions for Bot User

  • Fixed session handling by login method

Version 3.9.0 (2019-02-11)

Highlights and new features

  • added the possibility to allow/forbid guest to guest communication via PM

  • added possibility to create short living authentication tokens which also can be deleted manually

  • Introduced a swagger documented REST API for managing Organizations, Users, Channels, Organization Memberships, Channel Memberships and Teams


  • (Guest) and (Bot) suffix in display names are now configurable

  • for custom support email it now clearly states that the Schema must be included

  • improved the method with which active users are counted in the statistics

  • change / reset password is no longer available for externally managed users (e.g. AD users)

  • added “back to account settings” button to export download dashboard

  • always suggest rooms or users on search_channels and search_mentions even when the search query is empty

Version 3.8.7 (2019-02-07)


  • Hide elements for electron app

Version 3.8.6 (2019-02-04)


  • Improved documentation of network requirements

  • Improved invitation logic - now allows inviting users by username/email and id

  • Prepared web client for video conferences directly in the desktop app


  • some users with random-string emails couldn’t be found in the client (in very large organizations)

  • no notifications where sent for private messages from a Bot (BotAPI)

  • externally managed users with weak passwords will no longer be redirected to a 404 page after login

  • managed rooms were not as immutable as they should be - now they can not be edited / left / invited to

Version 3.8.5 (2019-02-01)


  • Grape Call button integration with electron (web-client)

  • Improved reconnect behaviour (web-client)

Version 3.8.4 (2019-01-31)


  • Email Addresses are no longer mandatory for API-created users

  • removed a few deprecated settings

  • improved grape installation docs

  • Fix Grape Call URL for Electron app (web-client)

Version 3.8.3 (2019-01-22)


  • Grape Call URL is now absolute

Version 3.8.2 (2019-01-22)


  • Fixed a bug where crowd imported users where not correctly counted in teams

Version 3.8.1 (2019-01-11)


  • Added the option to enable Attachment Security. Read more.

  • Improvement reconnect delay logic (web-client)


  • Fixed security issue for external URL with different protocol writings

  • Fix remote code execution security issue for cg:// links (web-client)

  • Fix reconnection alert bar (web-client)

Compatibility and upgrading

  • In order to turn on the attachment security, add RESTRICT_UPLOAD_ACCESS=1 to the grape-extra.env

Version 3.8.0 (2019-01-10)


  • Disabled autocomplete for sensitive fields

  • Asks for 2fa code when changing password

  • Added an Endpoint to retrieve the API-Token under /accounts/api-token

  • Added security to CSRF token

  • Doesn’t allow user to set a password that has already been seen in another service Read More

  • Authentication for Image server

  • Brute-force prevention for passwords and OTP

  • Added X-XSS-Protection HTTP header

  • Removed server version from Server header

  • Uploaded SVGs will be treated as files rather than as images

  • Better handle websocket disconnection

  • Protect autocomplete endpoints used when inviting guests and creating teams


  • Prevent one user to delete files with exported data created by another user

  • Fixed usability of payment page

Compatibility and upgrading

It’s necessary to open a connection with in oder to check passwords. Read more.

Version 3.7.4 (2018-12-18)


  • Button to start a video conference (web-client)

Version 3.7.3 (2018-12-13)


  • Uses HTTPS_PROXY env by default for APNS

  • Fixed UPLOAD_FILE_SIZE_LIMIT variable unit

Version 3.7.2 (2018-12-13)


  • Reverted fixe introduced by 3.7.1

Version 3.7.1 (2018-12-12)


  • Fixed an incorrect port for websocket configuration

Version 3.7.0 (2018-12-12)

Highlights and new features

  • New integration available: Bot Users


  • Added APNS Proxy support

  • Improved internal performance

  • Added env var UPLOAD_FILE_SIZE_LIMIT for letting all clients know what’s the configured max upload file size is. Defaults to 50mb

  • Improved WS security

  • Added optional force content disposition setting which forces the browser to download media files rather then displaying it.

  • Improved handling for [x]htm[l] files by returning content-type text/plain so the browser wont try to interpret it.

Version 3.6.4 (2018-12-12)


  • Fixed another error when listing AD Users without and AD Import associated

Version 3.6.3 (2018-12-12)


  • Fixed Two Factor Authentication disable form

Version 3.6.2 (2018-12-11)


  • Fixed error when listing AD Users without and AD Import associated

Version 3.6.1 (2018-12-05)


  • Improved internal payment flow


  • Fixed an issue where sometimes exporting the chat would fail

  • Fixed a rare case in which user added a credit card but organization remains locked

Version 3.6.0 (2018-11-28)

Highlights and new features

  • Crowd user integration - you can now integrate your crowd users into Grape

  • New design for settings pages


  • Improved search and filters for users and groups

  • New endpoint to retrieve a user by id


  • Fixed invite an ex guest as a user

  • Expired or kicked guests are no longer visible in the guest list

Version 3.5.19 (2018-12-27)


  • Fixed a condition in which data could not be exported

  • Fixed a scenario in which guests rooms were not filtered by organization

Version 3.5.18 (2018-11-30)


  • Preventing upload of .html and .htm files

Version 3.5.17 (2018-11-30)


  • Fixed 2 potential vulnerabilities for Grape

Version 3.5.16 (2018-11-23)


  • Fix a rare situation in which guests could be charged

  • Fix IndexAPI Authentication

  • Don’t show Private Messages as Rooms in Manage Guest view

Version 3.5.15 (2018-11-22)


  • Fix permission for viewing integrations as an admin

Version 3.5.14 (2018-11-22)


  • Fix list display issue in Chat Admin

Version 3.5.13 (2018-11-22)


  • Fix further py3 issues with Sharepoint

Version 3.5.12 (2018-11-20)


  • Fix an issue with jwt token creation (caused Sharepoint errors)

Version 3.5.11 (2018-11-19)


  • Fix password policy when confirming an account

Version 3.5.10 (2018-11-19)


  • Added pin/quote buttons for messages with link_attachment (web-client)

  • Hide pin/quote functionality for messages with image link_attachment (web-client)


  • Fix Image Upload for Custom Webhook

  • Fix Link/Button to invite guest user (web-client)

  • Fix displaying link_attachment for activity messages (web-client)

Version 3.5.9 (2018-11-13)


  • Fix FCM push format

Version 3.5.8 (2018-11-09)


  • Fix bug where a guest can have normal user-role channel memberships

Version 3.5.7 (2018-11-08)


  • Use FCM for badges so it is compatible with android > 8

Version 3.5.6 (2018-11-05)


  • Fix executing of typing event, when user opens channel (web-client)

  • Fix generated links with message id (web-client)

  • Fix bubble displaying for short messages (web-client)


  • Added pin and quote buttons for messages with attachments (web-client)

Compatibility and upgrading

In order to keep the imgur external search, you need to run grape configure --enable imgur followed by a grape install after upgrading

Version 3.5.5 (2018-10-18)


  • Fixed AD bug where AD Groups where not recognized as groups and the incorrect OU import strategy was falsely used

Version 3.5.4 (2018-10-17)


  • Web client tutorial fixes

Version 3.5.3 (2018-10-17)


  • Various web client improvements

Version 3.5.2 (2018-10-16)


  • Various web client improvements

  • Fix for onClick event for tooltip component (web-client)


  • Improved jumper to newest message

Version 3.5.1 (2018-10-16)


  • Fix translations for Guest Accounts

  • Fix issue with connections to database

Version 3.5.0 (2018-10-15)

Highlights and new features

  • Guest Accounts


  • removed some UI elements for electron application in account settings page (web-client)

  • added translation for grape search, mentions list and emojis bar (web-client)

  • switched from ‘attachments’ to ‘link_attachments’ (web-client)


  • Fix link preview footer URL

  • fixed opening pm when new user joining organization (web-client)

  • fixed jumping history when mention clicked (web-client)

  • fixed “Invite a new person to your team…” button for Firefox (web-client)

  • removed spaces for quotes in mention sidebar (web-client)

  • fix for wrong tip, when user clicking twice to “Create room” button (web-client)

  • fix for mentions when user switch channel (web-client)

Version 3.4.1 (2018-09-13)


  • Fix issue that the creator of private rooms could not find this room in the search if he or she is not member

Version 3.4.0 (2018-09-12)


  • Fix a bug where AD users netapp permissions were not updated anymore

  • Fix some issues with link preview

  • Better handle errors when opening private messages links sent to another account

  • Remove quoted text from notifications


  • Improve ManagedRooms documentation

  • Add Data Processing Agreement link to organization settings

  • Update Trello Integration

  • Don’t display invite prompt for everyone

  • Restrict who can see uploaded files

Compatibility and upgrading

  • to activate upload files restriction, nginx configuration should be changed:

    location /media/organizations/ {
        limit_req zone=one burst=5;
        rewrite /media/organizations/(\d*)/(.*)/ /check-permission/$1/$2 break ;
        proxy_pass http://grape-rr ;
        proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr ;
        proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for ;
        proxy_set_header Host $host ;
        proxy_set_header X-NginX-Proxy true ;
        proxy_redirect off ;
        proxy_http_version 1.1 ;
        proxy_read_timeout 24h ;
    location /protected/ {
        rewrite /protected/(.*)$ /$1 break;
        root /srv/media/ ;
  • if trello is configured in the etc/grape/settings.yml in ['grape']['service'], this key must be deleted. e.g.

      + jira
      + custom
      + indexapi
      + trello

delete the whole row - trello

Version 3.3.9 (2018-09-13)


  • Fix issue that the creator of private rooms could not find this room in the search if he or she is not member

Version 3.3.8 (2018-09-12)


  • fix issue with migration tree

  • reduce log severity from “error” to “info” when converting image URLs to relative path.

Version 3.3.7 (2018-09-11)

Highlights and new features

  • zero channels view (web-client)


  • improvement history loading (web-client)


  • fixed ctrl/cmd+k for search in sidebar (web-client)

  • fixed displaying empty jira issue (web-client)

  • fixed displaying multiple attachments (web-client)

  • fixed killing client while opening channel, with no access (web-client)

  • fixed jumping slightly up when sending a message (web-client)

  • fixed jumping to bottom when read more added (rendered) to my last message (web-client)

  • fixed history jumps when editing the second last message (web-client)

  • fixed click on @group when you are focusing the latest history sends you up in history (web-client)

  • fixed uploading a file while editing a message creates a new message (web-client)

  • fixed group mentions shown even though checkbox is not checked (web-client)

  • fixed jumping to correct message when user clicked to message link or to message in sidebar (web-client)

  • fixed displaying services in grape search if user typed something immediately after opening dialog window (web-client)

  • fixed displaying proper value in sidebar unread counter if messaged was deleted (web-client)

  • fixed displaying history, if app restarted in current session (web-client)

  • fixed channel invitation notification (web-client)

  • prevented to display “no results” for grape-search if search in process (web-client)

  • fixed auto scroll down, when user received message (web-client)

  • fixed loading new messages after user clicked to message link (web-client)

  • fixed space between messages (web-client)

  • fixed inviting users with click on them in dialog window (web-client)

  • fixed displaying empty history for empty channels (web-client)

  • fixed displaying “show less” in activities messages (web-client)

  • fixed displaying messages with x2 badge (web-client)

Version 3.3.6 (2018-09-07)


  • fixed displaying “show less” in activities messages (web-client)

  • fixed displaying messages with x2 badge (web-client)

Version 3.3.5 (2018-09-06)


  • fixed displaying empty history for empty channels (web-client)

Version 3.3.4 (2018-09-05)


  • fixed auto scroll down, when user received message (web-client)

  • fixed loading new messages after user clicked to message link (web-client)

  • fixed space between messages (web-client)

  • fixed inviting users with click on them in dialog window (web-client)

Version 3.3.3 (2018-09-04)


  • update labeling server to Python 3


  • fixed jumping to correct message when user clicked to message link or to message in sidebar (web-client)

  • fixed displaying services in grape search if user typed something immediately after opening dialog window (web-client)

  • fixed displaying proper value in sidebar unread counter if messaged was deleted (web-client)

  • fixed displaying history, if app restarted in current session (web-client)

  • fixed channel invitation notification (web-client)

  • prevented to display “no results” for grape-search if search in process (web-client)

Version 3.3.2 (2018-08-17)


  • fixed killing client while opening channel, with no access (web-client)

  • fixed jumping slightly up when sending a message (web-client)

  • fixed jumping to bottom when read more added (rendered) to my last message (web-client)

  • fixed history jumps when editing the second last message (web-client)

  • fixed click on @group when you are focusing the latest history sends you up in history (web-client)

  • fixed uploading a file while editing a message creates a new message (web-client)

  • fixed group mentions shown even though checkbox is not checked (web-client)

Version 3.3.1 (2018-08-14)


fixed issue where some files from the sidebar could not be opened.

Version 3.3.0 (2018-08-06)

Highlights and new features

  • zero channels view (web-client)


  • improvement history loading (web-client)


  • Allow GIFs as organization logo

  • Add product consistency in our mails/Push Notifications. We are now using Grape instead of ChatGrape

  • Improve usability for activate notifications section

  • Fix graph for statistics on IE11

  • On IE11, display a message warning user he or she can’t use desktop notifications as they are not supported buy this browser.

  • Respect user language during login.

  • When user creates an organization and adds a logo, if the organization name or domain is already taken, no error was shown.

  • Fix timezone in shared files tab

  • fixed ctrl/cmd+k for search in sidebar (web-client)

  • fixed displaying empty Jira issue (web-client)

  • fixed displaying multiple attachments (web-client)

Compatibility and upgrading

Version 3.2.5 (2018-07-31)


  • fixed pressing enter in the channel search does nothing if I’m in the channel already (web-client)

  • fixed avoiding scrolling up the history when opening sidebar (web-client)

  • fixed tooltip overlaps message text (web-client)

  • fixed posting Giphy images via Grape Search (web-client)

  • fixed directly jumping to a message from the sidebar e.g. search (web-client)

Version 3.2.4 (2018-07-31)


  • Fix removing link previews

  • Fix preview for Giphy images

Version 3.2.3 (2018-07-26)


  • Fix worklog_updated Jira event

  • Fix scenario in which export fails

Version 3.2.2 (2018-07-24)


  • fix possibility to remove a user who belongs to multiple organizations

Version 3.2.1 (2018-07-24)


  • fix broken link attachments causing server error

Version 3.2.0 (2018-07-20)


  • Admin can deactivate, anonymize or completely remove a user.

  • Update to Django 2.0.7

  • download center has now “back to account settings button”

Version 3.1.2 (2018-07-18)


  • minor issues related to export user data that could eventually happen

  • fixed displaying recent shared files in sidebar (web-client)

  • fixed render links with icons (web-client)

  • fixed alignment for embed video buttons (web-client)

  • fixed joining to private channel from search (web-client)

  • fix fir “load more” button in activities messages (web-client)

  • chatting with deleted user will notify that the user has been deleted.

  • fix possible offline attack on SECRET_KEY through Grape Search object id

Version 3.1.1 (2018-07-11)


  • update to Dropbox API v2


  • minor issues related to Python 3 update

Version 3.1.0 (2018-07-09)


  • Image Service file storage moved to deeper folder structure

  • grapeClient.version (web-client)

  • replaced trash icon with normal “X” icon (web-client)

  • client not requesting open pm on activity message (web-client)

  • disable server side cursor for postgresql to improve performance and connection pooling over pgbouncer

  • More security for integrations by creating a new INTEGRATIONS_SECRET_KEY


  • added a permission check in the SSO process for new safari browsers on iOS. This should allow users to manually circumvent Apple’s anti-tracking feature that falsely blocked grape from setting cookies

  • see for details

  • fixed unread counter (web-client)

  • fixed loading of services in Grape Search (web-client)

  • fixed notification counter (web-client)

  • fixed “show more” button in message search (web-client)

  • fixed instant info update about user (web-client)

  • fixed nlp sidebar overlaps (web-client)

  • fix for italic and bold texts in quote (web-client)

  • fix for scrolls user history to the bottom on new message event (web-client)

  • removed recalculation on history width change, if history stick to the bottom (web-client)

  • fix for video play button alignment (web-client)

  • fixed link render in message history (web-client)

  • fix for long messages, prevented jumping to middle of message (web-client)

  • fixed custom emoji displaying (web-client)

  • prevent scrolling upwards after search is closed at minimum size chat (web-client)

  • fix for “load more” button in mentions search (web-client)

Compatibility and upgrading

  • Please remove your resized image cache (media/image_service/resized/*)

  • Long Polling APIs return 401 if authentication failed rather then a 302 which redirected to the login page.

  • INTEGRATIONS_SECRET_KEY should be add to runtime environment

Version 3.0.2 (2018-07-09)


  • Prevent large group names

  • added a permission check in the SSO process for new safari browsers on iOS. This should allow users to manually circumvent Apple’s anti-tracking feature that falsely blocked grape from setting cookies

  • see for details

Version 3.0.1 (2018-06-26)


  • Issue with notifications in general

Version 3.0.0 (2018-06-23)

Highlights and new features

  • Update to Python 3.6.5 and Django 2.0.6

  • Improve tasks monitoring with Flower. See flower documentation.

Compatibility and upgrading

This release requires that all customers upgrade to the newest docker image, which has Python 3.6.5 enabled.

Version 2.19.2 (2018-07-05)


  • added a permission check in the SSO process for new safari browsers on iOS. This should allow users to manually circumvent Apple’s anti-tracking feature that falsely blocked grape from setting cookies

  • see for details

Version 2.19.1 (2018-06-19)

Highlights and new features

  • Added edited flag to messages


  • fix issue that passwords with umlaute failed to authenticate via basic auth.

  • fix race condition where two equal PMs could be created.

  • groups loading speed and disappearing groups items when joining/leaving groups (web-client)

  • switch to last use channel, when current deleted (web-client)

  • padding in mention list (web-client)

  • fix for displaying pinned message (web-client)

Version 2.19.0 (2018-06-08)

Highlights and new features

  • user searches are now fuzzy.

  • remove ‘@room’ from client and implement ‘@group’ in the backend and therefore for all clients.

  • empty mention searches will now return the last message authors in a channel context.

  • Added edited flag to messages


  • using text search for user and room searches. make sure you enable the GIST and GIN extension in your postgres if you have a self managed postgresql

  • Self-test page & command for Grape admins, see troubleshooting documentation

Compatibility and upgrading

  • requires postgres version 9.3 or higher.

  • your PostgreSQL has to have the extension pg_trgm and unaccentg enabled. the db shipped with docker has this enabled. if you are using your own db, please make sure it is enabled by connecting to the db server and execute:

    psql -U postgres -d chatgrape -c "
       UPDATE pg_opclass SET opcdefault = true WHERE opcname in ('gin_trgm_ops', 'gist_trgm_ops');"

    make sure the user, in this case postgres, has root permissions on the chatgrape databse

Version 2.17.7 (2018-07-26)


  • Fix worklog_updated JIRA event

  • Fix scenario in which export fails

Version 2.17.6 (2018-07-19)


  • Fix migration for fresh installation.

Version 2.17.5 (2018-06-20)


  • Fixed an issue where passwords with special characters failed to authenticate via basic auth.

Version 2.17.4 (2018-06-14)


  • Escaping AD DNs for filter strings which caused sync of DNs with special characters to fail

Version 2.17.3 (2018-06-10)


  • Added fallback for AD systems that do not support invocationID for advanced sync strategies

Version 2.17.2 (2018-06-08)


  • Added debug self-check page

Version 2.17.1 (2018-05-24)


  • update web-client to version 1.7.17

Version 2.17.0 (2018-05-24)

Highlights and new features

  • Possibility to delete an organization.

  • User can export his or her data.

  • Administrators can export all public organization data.

  • “Important Messages”-labeling is available for all organizations by default.

  • link to user on quoted message (web-client)


  • Refactored AD completely for better performance and future features

  • removed hardcoded @room mention (web-client)


  • fixed displaying conversations in freshly created organization, was broken because non from channels didn’t have any messages (web-client)

  • fixed vimeo Link Previews

  • fixed opening message with message id (web-client)

  • fixed opening of wrong channel in embedded client (web-client)

  • fixed empty metadata fields for IE (web-client)

  • fixed picking @room when pressing arrow down (web-client)

  • fixed mentions window cut off in small screens (web-client)

  • fixed shuffling user suggestions while entering name of group (web-client)

  • error message no more overlays with inputs in modal windows (web-client)

  • fixed white history screen, while searched for same user twice in nav (web-client)

  • “new conversation” window freezes fixed (web-client)

  • fixed opening of pm channel after reloading page with no conversation yet (web-client)

  • fixed updating sidebar (members tab not working properly) (web-client)

Version 2.16.2 (2018-05-17)


  • fixed opening message with message id (web-client)

Version 2.16.1 (2018-05-15)


  • fixed and issue with chat channels that contained no mentions

Version 2.16.0 (2018-05-14)


  • New External Search API that allows to search in external services the same way as in service integrations.

  • get_profile uses serializer response for user, membership and organization. Old fields are currently still included but deprecated soon. See documentation.

  • get_users sorts alphabetically and implements filtering

  • membership (bool) information can be part of all UserSearchResult Responses if a current_channel is passed.

  • get_users filter performance improvement

  • migrated from get_mentions to search_mentions (web-client)

  • reconnect to web-socket if initial loading fails (web-client)

  • checkbox for showing messages just for current channel (web-client)

  • pm.get_overview forces exclude_empty pms and will only return PM channels if there is at least one message in it or if they are pinned.


  • fix smilies which are not compatible between iPhone and Windows 7 (web-client)

  • fix for calling get_history twice for the wrong channel on initial loading (web-client)

  • removed user with no messages, which for some reason appear in navigation for recently created user (web-client)

  • duplicates of typing events removed (web-client)

  • fixed an issue where AD Users could encounter an error when saving their user profile

  • fixed an issue with mentions where mentions data did not reflect the actual mentioned objects after editing a message.

Version 2.15.2 (2018-04-20)


  • Fixed bug, when you can pick to invite same person more than 1 time (web-client)

  • Fixes tab’s width in sidebar, related to missing file tab (web-client)

  • Typing events fixed (web-client)

  • Nav search input will clear after opening a channel (web-client)

  • Fixed a rare Unexpected Server Error when using the message search.

Version 2.15.1 (2018-04-18)


  • Netapp Filer port is now correctly converted to Integer.

Highlights and new features

  • new search.search_mentions api which deprecates search.get_mentions with proper argument handling.

Version 2.15.0 (2018-04-18)


  • Made NetApp Filers (CIFS/SMB) more editable. Now we allow configuring several more options.

Version 2.14.0 (2018-04-16)

Highlights and new features

  • The Exchange integration now supports multiple different Exchange servers. At the same time, we are making impersonated access to Exchange a requirement; all existing integrations that do not use impersonation will be removed during upgrade.

  • The Sharepoint Integration now supports multiple different Sharepoint servers.

Version 2.13.0 (2018-04-11)


  • Fix Integration with google calendar and box

  • Link preview can’t handle Umlauts

  • fixed an issue with attachments sometimes not showing up on iOS after file upload


  • Fixed an issue with credit card information updates in some rare cases

Version 2.12.0 (2018-03-26)

Highlights and new features

  • Update to Django 1.11.11

  • Update many libraries

Version 2.11.6 (2018-03-14)


  • Fixed an Internet Explorer incompatibility in the web client

Version 2.11.5 (2018-03-13)


  • Support for custom emojis in activity messages (web-client)

  • EXIF information will not be properly applied to User/Organization avatar images (turning images correctly)

  • Link Previews will be generated more reliably (fixed an encoding issue)

Version 2.11.4 (2018-03-13)


  • Uploaded SVGs will no longer be treated like text files and have an image preview

  • Added is_managed flag to rooms.get_rooms, search.search_channels and organizations.get_organization

  • Restrict sending of group mention notifications to the same room.

  • Rooms.get_overview and PM.get_overview will have a properly serialized user object as

  • “partner” attribute in responses of channel.get and such will have a the online status included.


  • Click on search result in embedded chat opens link in new window (web-client)

  • Clicking on a room mention in embedded chat no more raises a 404 error (web-client)

  • Clicking on a user or avatar in embedded chat no more opens pm channel (web-client)

  • Clicking on a user in embedded chat no more sends user to the dashboard (web-client)

  • Only open links to current channel in embedded chat, all others in new tabs (web-client)

Version 2.11.3 (2018-03-04)


  • Hard-limiting the result set of Search.search_channels to max 100 Users and all matching groups

Version 2.11.2 (2018-03-01)


  • Added JPEG support to the Image Service. Uploading images in the chat will see a dramatic performance improvement.

  • Updated external LDAP library


  • Fixed an issue where Autocomplete Objects sometimes showed no Link Preview

Version 2.11.1 (2018-02-26)

Highlights and new features

  • Added loading screen on initial history messages loading (web client)

  • Remove empty room message in embedded (web client)

  • Disabled notifications in embedded (web client)


  • When someone leaves a group the group disappears for all users until refresh (web client)

  • Sending a message after joining channels through cmd+k search or channel mention is not possible (web client)

  • Group i “joined” is not listed in sidebar after sending message (web client)

  • Can’t send messages to deleted users anymore (web client)

Version 2.11.0 (2018-02-26)


  • Automatically Disable user’s notification for a room bigger than MAX_CHANNEL_SIZE_FOR_NOTIFICATIONS

  • Added notify_room to room details

  • User Avatar images now use the image_service allowing for much better resolutions and client compatibility

  • Trello integration supported on premise

Version 2.10.0 (2018-02-05)


  • Add a separate queue for handling notifications.

  • Removed an existing limitation that users could only be member of 1024 channels.

  • Added a new RPC call Rooms.get_rooms


  • PM.get_overview did not hide the online status of users properly when feature disable_status_events was used.

  • Fixed issue with TRELLO integration on premise. It now has to be setup in grape configure

Version 2.9.3 (2018-01-26)

Highlights and new features

  • New client URL scheme with an automatic redirect in case the old scheme is used.


  • New RPC method, Channels.get.

  • Changed default event subscriptions to subscribe only to channels where the user actively joined. Added a new organization feature, subscribe_to_all_events, acting as feature toggle for this; defaults to false.

  • On the Teams page the users are now fetched via ajax - a significant performance improvement for large organizations

  • Add additional arguments to the users/get_profile call to speed up response.


  • Fixed an issue where IE11 couldn’t render the chat

Version 2.9.2 (2018-01-16)


  • Optionally exclude empty PM conversations in pm.get_overview.

  • Addded two django admin actions to change the access control of integrations to “organization” or “member”. This can be used for overwriting the access control of sharepoint integrations as this cannot be managed in the chat.

  • The AD sync will now actively try to recognize Users which had their sAMAccountName changed and avoid duplications.


  • Fixed an issue where link preview title URL sometimes diverted from the actually unfurled URL.

  • Fixed an issue with SVG images in Link Previews and as Custom Webhook avatar images.


  • Proxy exception list can now be configured.

  • Custom PostgreSQL, Redis and Elasticsearch hosts can be used instead of bundled instances (experimental feature).

  • Number of gunicorn workers can be overriden to improve scalability.

  • Logfile rotation for reverse proxies added.

  • Support for customized runtime containers added.

Version 2.9.1 (2018-01-09)


  • Fixed a regression in the channels.focus_message RPC method.

Version 2.9.0 (2018-01-09)


  • Implemented temporary RPC for fetching users in bulks.


  • Fixed an issue for the Custom Webhook integration where the message text could falsely be stored as a number type.

  • Stopped referencing Select2 javascript assets on Cloudflare.

Version 2.8.0 (2017-12-13)

Highlights and new features

  • Added message pinning feature.

  • Header, sidebar redesign, new icons.

  • Optional Redis password authentication.


  • Fixed an issue that caused deleted messages to remain visible in some Android clients.

Version 2.7.9 (2017-11-30)


  • Fixed a regression that prevented the Android application from working with organizations without a logo.

Version 2.7.8 (2017-11-28)


  • Users AD membership data are synced regularily for keeping permissions on netapp items up to date.

  • Users AD membership data are synced when getting into the netapp integration form.

  • AD membership data are synced when a integration is updated.

  • Grape search will also search in the senders and receivers email adresses.


  • properly rotate images with orientation information in the exif data.

  • Fixed encoding issue with AD Groups which could break the Teams page in some cases.

  • Fixed bad wording in the Netapp authorization form.

Version 2.7.6 (2017-11-07)


  • Fixed an issue where online status was shown incorrectly

Version 2.7.5 (2017-10-31)


  • added debuging actions for netapp filers and shares to the django admin

  • added django-admin section for AD

  • Using a Grape Search link when not logged in asks the user to login before forwarding to the external resource.


  • fixed issues with web client not reconnecting properly

Version 2.7.4 (2017-10-23)


  • fixed registering with an email address that was already invited leads to silent error 500

  • fixed a case where the tutorial couldn’t be closed at first login

Version 2.7.3 (2017-10-22)


  • fixed an issue where invites could not be accepted

Version 2.7.2 (2017-10-21)


  • fix issue in invitation flow where some users could trigger a 500

  • fix translations in invite flow success message and signup errors.

Version 2.7.1 (2017-10-19)


  • Minor fixes in database integrity

Version 2.7.0 (2017-10-16)

Highlights and new features

  • Sidebar Chat for Sharepoint


  • Improved organization members area


  • Images in Emails didn’t work when Base64 in Emails was blocked

  • Older images in the chat were not be displayed anymore

  • Better error messages in the client (creating/deleting groups, inviting users, …)

Version 2.6.2 (2017-10-04)

Compatibility and upgrading

  • added a new management command to update old attachments for the new display on iOS devices

Version 2.6.1 (2017-09-28)

Highlights and new features

  • it is now possible to configure a custom Support Email or URL for each organization

  • Chatgrape is now available as an embeddable widget for desktop clients

  • Single Sign On now supports ADFS claim types.


  • Update scoring in Grape Search to allow better sorting of search results.

  • Timeout periodic tasks if they are not executed in a given timeframe.

  • Major improvements to the Teams feature. Teams can now be created/edited directly from the LDAP settings and editing/deleting teams is more flexible.


  • Objects from the Grape Search will correctly generate link previews again

Compatibility and upgrading

  • setting DEFAULT_SUPPORT_EMAIL was replaced with a new environment variable DEFAULT_SUPPORT_LINK (which can be either an email or a link)

Version 2.6.0 (2017-09-13)

Highlights and new features

  • In the new Single-Organization-Mode grape instance is linked 1:1 to an organization. In this mode no subdomain for the organization is required.


  • improved Single Sign on IdP metadata download method - solves cases where ADFS XML metadata couldn’t be downloaded by Grape

  • added a convenient ‘Back to Chat’ link to the settings section

Version 2.5.2 (2017-09-12)


  • Fixed a bug where the invite link on the members page wouldn’t show up

  • Re-added missing “delete member” button to the members table

Version 2.5.1 (2017-09-06)


  • vastly improved error messages for our API


  • Ensure that emails used in the managed rooms api are handled lowercase.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented saving room changes in the admin interface when at least one channel member had this channel not pinned.

  • In AD syncing an organization will no longer stop if syncing any of the Imports raises an error

Version 2.5.0 (2017-08-18)

Highlights and new features

  • New options of having managed rooms which can only be modified with separate rpcs


  • using better form fields for integration forms

  • The server now returns a P3P HTTP header for better interoperability with Internet Explorer.

  • You can now invite users SSO ready with the organizations.invite RPC call. SSO needs to be configured on the organization for this to work.


  • Don’t return deleted messages in get_pinned_messages.

Version 2.4.0 (2017-07-20)

Highlights and new features

  • Added basic support for embedded chat in external websites.


  • Netapp implements glob style filters for excluding files/folders from syncing.

Version 2.3.0 (2017-07-16)

Highlights and new features

  • Added rpc commands for pinning messages and retrieving a list of pinned messages for a channel.


  • Add active directory users primary group when collecting users group memberships.

  • No more link previews for links in quoted messages.

Version 2.2.8 (2017-07-12)

Highlights and new features

  • We added the teams feature, which allows for easy onboarding of your team and selection of default groups for organization members.


  • Normal users can no longer access organization settings (“view” access revoked)

  • Link Previews now recognize more top-level domains.

  • New Netapp integrations feature can be activated in the admin interface.

  • The django admin interface got some extra data fields for debug purpose.

    • User Admin has a section “Grape Search Access Control Info” displaying data for object based permissions.

    • Integration Admin shows the amount of documents referenced with the integration and the list of other integrations it shares documents with.

  • The django admin interface got some actions for handling integrations.

    • Integration admin action: “Search for wrongly routed documents”

    • Integration admin action: “Fix wrongly routed documents”

    • Integration admin action: “Resync integrations”

  • Sharepoint List got a separate model with an action for resyncing.


  • AD users can use two factor auth again

  • AD and SSO users don’t get a “change password” option presented anymore

  • Link previews will remove HTML tags from oembed data if applicable (making link previews prettier in some cases)

Version 2.2.5 (2017-06-22)


  • Fix room icon size in room icon picker.

Version 2.2.4 (2017-06-21)


  • Fixed infinite loading indicator in “Invite to channel” dialog.

  • Security: Mail Invite Links can no longer be used more than once. All old invites were automatically invalidated.

Version 2.2.3 (2017-06-21)


  • Improved rendering performance in Grape Search.


  • Fixed Grape Search filters list.

  • Fixed wrong history messages after a deep link.

  • Fixed history jumper appearing and disappearing.

  • Fixed results amount in services list in grape-search.

  • Fixed add integration link in grape-search.

  • Fixed emojis rendering.

  • Fixed @ symbol when mentioning a person in the history.

  • Fixed using spaces when confirming the room name to delete.

  • Security: all debug pages require staff permissions.

Version 2.2.2 (2017-06-08)

Highlights and new features

  • It is now possible to set a edit/delete timeout for messages. After a message is older than the specified time, it can no longer be edited or deleted.


  • Profile headline style improvement


  • Fixed issues wuitg Smilies rendering inside of Grape Search objects

  • Improved Grape Search keyboard and mouse navigation

  • Fixed file upload from buffer in Chrome

  • Markdown headlines are no longer supported in the chat

  • Emojis in a markdown link no longer lead to a broken link text in grape objects

  • Added min height for the message bubble fixing a rare rendering issues

  • Fixed an issue with deleting of integrations on some on-premise instances

  • Security: Exchange now correctly verifies that the user is logged in before previewing items.

Version 2.2.1 (2017-05-23)

Highlights and new features

  • NLP Sidebar introduced


  • Upgrade to JSS 7

  • Rewrite the chat footer


  • Fixed an error when filtering for integrations in the Grape Search.

  • Fixed settings icon and org name flex

  • Reduced Windows App Roaming Profile

  • Link preview thumbnails are now rendered correctly

  • Better error handling if channel doesn’t exist any more

  • Grape input action icons are now bigger

  • Fixed Group names cut-off w/o ellipsis on navigation

  • Visual improvements on Mentions and Grape Search filter

  • Clicking “only search in activities” no longer only searches in current conversation

  • Some menu fixes for IE11

  • Fixed case where Link preview couldn’t be removed

  • Fixed case where deleting a Group was not working

  • Fixed case where Sidebar was not scrollable on FireFox

  • Security: Fixed XSS vulnerability in IndexAPI URLs

Version 2.2.0 (2017-05-17)

Highlights and new features

  • Our NLP service is now labeling messages.

  • Added a sidebar to display message labels


  • Grape Search now shows 10 YouTube search results instead of only 5


  • Session cookies are now set to be only sent over HTTPS.

Version 2.1.0 (2017-05-04)

Highlights and new features

  • We are introducing link previews. When you post links in the chat, the grape system will try to present a meaningful preview.


  • Fixed an issue where a redirect loop could occur when a user was not logged in.


  • Improved documentation

  • Deleting a message with an attachment will not physically delete this attachment from the file storage. Note: this does not work for pre-existing uploads.

Version 2.0.1 (2017-04-13)


  • Inviting users with invalid email addresses no longer causes problems

Version 2.0.0 (2017-04-11)


  • Updated Elasticsearch to 2.3.

  • Added a periodic task that runs once a day to fix message permissions.

  • Added an admin action for rooms to recalculate message permissions.

  • Made a few small usability improvements in service integration pages.


  • Special characters no longer cause problems when exporting the organization statistics.

  • Fixed an issue that treated messages in private groups without members like public messages.

Compatibility and upgrading

Due to the Elasticsearch upgrade this requires some extra steps:

  • Run grape upgrade

  • Run grape upgrade --alpha

  • Run docker logs -f application_grape-runtime_1, wait until the upgrade has finished, use Ctrl-c to exit.

  • Run /var/lib/grape/setup/current/extra/

  • Run grape upgrade --beta

Note: The alpha and beta versions used here are actually stable versions, we just use the switches to trigger different stages of the upgrade.

Version 1.1.8 (2017-04-11)


  • Fixes grape upgrade regression where sometimes outdated setup files were used.


  • Grape setup maintenance release.

  • Introduces alpha releases (mostly for development and hotfixes)

  • Updated docker images for postgresql, pgbouncer, nginx, stunnel.

Compatibility and upgrading

  • Run grape fetch --fetch-docker-images. This pre-fetches the updated docker images und will keep downtime low during upgrading.

  • Run grape upgrade

Version 1.1.7 (2016-03-16)

Highlights and new features

  • Activities can be removed now.


  • Show consequent line breaks in the history.

  • Grape Search: more readable path.


  • Fixed a critical bug that allowed custom webhooks to post to channels of different organizations.

  • Fixed main menu in chat, used wrong font.

  • Removed scrollbars from the main menu.

  • Auto-scroll history to the bottom when modifying messages.

  • Fixed a bug where a maleformed image could raise an error when loading the chat.

  • Fixed MOBILE_SESSION_TIMEOUT_DAILY handling for on-premises instances which caused mobile users to be logged out daily.

  • Fixed login via SSO with an email address or username that what already used.

Compatibility and upgrading


grape upgrade

# wait a bit

grape configure --force-reconfigure

# press enter until done

grape install

Version 1.1.6 (2017-03-13)

Highlights and new features

  • Added a list of connected service accounts, with the option to disconnect them from Grape.


  • Make the connection and read timeouts for syncing with sharepoint configurable.

  • Reduce the loading time of a users admin view by removing unneeded active directory logic.


  • Fixed missing email bodies when previewing Exchange emails in Internet Explorer 11.

  • “Custom Webhook” avatar images were not resized in the web client.

Version 1.1.5 (2017-02-27)


  • Ensure that webhook activities have the correct permissions.

  • Fixed duplicated Push notification registrations (and preventing them from appearing again).

  • Fixed an issue with URL avatars in custom webhooks.

Version 1.1.4 (2017-02-21)


  • Improved the performance when clients connect.


  • Fixed Exchange synchronization errors for emails with extremely long lists of recipients.

Version 1.1.3 (2017-02-20)

Note: this version was not released to on-premises customers


  • Fix a bug that prevented user from using the organization wide invitation link.

Version 1.1.2 (2017-02-17)


  • File Uploads failed for JPG files with EXIF rotation information

Version 1.1.1 (2017-02-16)

Note: this version was not released to on-premises customers


  • Search results are correctly categorized as messages/activities.


  • Custom Webhook Icon is no longer required.

  • All uploaded files now have file extensions. In particular, this means that screenshots pasted from the clipboard will be saved properly.

Version 1.1.0 (2017-02-14)

Highlights and new features

  • Quote messages


  • The Exchange integration now tries hard to handle invalid responses from Exchange gracefully.

  • Custom Webhook icons can be customized now.

  • We added much better support for custom URLs (proxies) for organizations.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed a windows phone to create multiple registrations for push notifications.

Version 1.0.21 (2017-02-02)

Highlights and new features

  • Activity messages have now a menu with “Copy to clipboard” and are linkeable.

  • User online status in the sidebar.

  • Intercom opens now in a separate window.

  • Overhauled the pages listing available and configured service integrations.


  • Exchange integration now recovers from errors more gracefully.


  • Visible scroll bars in code blocks of messages when mouse is connected.

  • Multiple bugs in “invite people to org” dialog.

  • Multiple bugs with wording, styling and UX.

Version 1.0.20 (2017-01-19)


  • Added error logging in case automatic impersonated Exchange login fails.

  • Adjusted serializers for Sharepoint 2013 to better handle differences in Wikis, Calendars, and Tasks Lists.


  • Fix   in code blocks by reverting Show consequent line breaks in the history from version 1.0.18.

Version 1.0.19 (2017-01-11)


  • Sharepoint integrations automatically refresh outdated access tokens.

  • It is not possible to configure the lifetime of Sharepoint access tokens.

  • Activities are now included in message search.

Version 1.0.18 (2017-01-02)

New Features

  • New file upload

  • Notifications for the Windows 10 Mobile App


  • Fixed the curl example in Sharepoint “generate JWT” admin action.

  • Add extra details to the Sharepoint sitecollection test view.


  • Added Search function to search in activities as well as messages.

  • Message delivery status icon was not displayed.

  • Fixed application layout when screen size is small and a room has long description in the header bar.

  • Inviting a user to a group goes to the wrong person in some cases.

  • Formatted text and code blocks are not full width.

  • Show consequent line breaks in the history.

Version 1.0.17 (2016-12-15)


  • Added an admin action “generate JWT token” for Sharepoint webtokens. This action generates a JWT token and a sample curl request for testing a token.

  • Added an admin action “recover webtoken” for Sharepoint webtokens. This action tries to recover webtokens that raised too many errors.


  • Fixed an issue with AD where the SID couldn’t be read from users with non-ASCII characters in the DN.

  • Fixed an issue with Sharepoint that could prevent subscriptions from being indexed.

Version 1.0.16 (2016-12-12)


  • Added integration authorizations and configurations to the Django admin section.

  • The integration set-up page now informs the user if an error happens, instead of showing an empty page.

  • Improved debug and support tools for Sharepoint integrations.

  • Sharepoint integrations will display their sitecollection name in the integrations overview for easier distinguishing.


  • Now activity messages will be displayed as soon they are received.

  • Fixed some icons in the history.

Version 1.0.15 (2016-12-05)

Highlights and new features

New Features

  • Activities can now display attachments.

Support for service accounts in Microsoft Exchange

It is now possible to configure the Exchange integration to use a service account. If this is enabled, all users synchronized with Active Directory automatically gain access to Exchange in the “Service Integrations” section. All they have to do is to choose which folders they want to have indexed in Grape Search.


  • It is now possible to upload files with custom WebHooks.

  • When SAML2 single sign-on is turned on for an organization, the login page now has an SSO button that leads to the external login service.

  • Clicking the SSO button on desktop apps will open the external login page in a new browser window, and after success redirect back into the app.

  • It is now possible to edit existing Custom WebHook Integrations.

Compatibility and upgrading

  • There are two new settings for the Exchange service account: username, and password. The service account needs to have the ApplicationImpersonation role assigned in Exchange.

    In order to reach these two settings, please run

    grape configure --force-reconfigure

    and answer y to the prompt Use exchange integration. All three Exchange settings are required for impersonation to work (service username, password, and default URL).

Version 1.0.14 (2016-11-24)

Highlights and new features

Notification Tweaks

  • Added the notification types “All messages” and “Service activities” to the mobile settings.

  • Added an option for delaying push notifications.

  • Added an option for delaying email notifications.

  • Changed the logic behind sending notifications. Push and email notifications will be sent with the configured delay. If the user marks a message as read prior to the ETA of the notification, it will canceled.


  • Removed the “available Sharepoint sites” feature for easier administration. Users have to know the URL to a Sharepoint sitecollection to add it.


  • Fixed an issue where the mobile sessions where not always correctly logged out at night.

  • Mention email subjects no longer HTML-escape special characters.

Version 1.0.13 (2016-11-18)

Highlights and new features

  • Added a new “Analytics” page in the “Statistics” section, which displays usage statistics over a period of time.


  • Skype for Business links have been fixed.

Version 1.0.12 (2016-11-16)

Highlights and new features

  • The “Shared Files” feature now also returns items that were linked with grape-search.


  • Image Uploads in Account and Organization Settings get now uploaded right after the file gets selected without clicking the ‘update settings’ button - one less click for the user, but a lot less clicks for a whole team.

  • All the settings forms have been slightly improved. One big improvement is the sticky update bar, which is now always clickable at the bottom of your settings pages.

  • Grape settings pages load now with a small but sweet fade animation.

Compatibility and upgrading

  • The IndexAPI and WebHooks are now enabled by default.

Version 1.0.11 (2016-11-08)

Highlights and new features

  • The new statistics feature in the organization settings helps you onboard new users and gives you data to monitor your progress.

  • Better wording and conditional fields in the integrations form should make adding integrations easier.


  • A new list of “available Sharepoint sites” controls the Sharepoint sites that can be integrated by users. This list can be maintained only in the django admin interface “/admin/sharepoint_2013/sharepointhostnamedsitecollection”.

  • Improved the informations displayed for all Sharepoint items.


  • Improved the form used to select Exchange folders for synchronization.

  • Search results now show more relevant metadata.

Translation Improvements

  • New language setting on the user profile page – default from browser settings.

  • Emails will be sent in the user’s selected language.


  • We now log the entire SAML2 request to sentry if we encounter a SAML2 SSO error.