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What others say about ChatGrape

"ChatGrape’s look-up and third-party service indexing provides that rare example of a feature that, retrospectively, you wonder why isn’t already a standard offering."

- Steve O'Hear, Techcrunch

"A fascinating approach to focus on the text box as the core place to innovate, versus elsewhere."

- Josh A. Miller, Branch / Facebook

Deep service integrations

Reference all data from your external services from within ChatGrape right as you type - with an autocomplete that knows your business.

You spend countless hours working your way through documents, tickets and files while communicating with your team. We call this the The lookup factor and want to make it a thing of the past.

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Available everywhere

Stay in the loop at the office, at home and on the go - with our mobile and desktop apps.

Take your conversations with you, wherever you go. Stay connected to your colleagues and don't miss a discussion anymore - the ChatGrape mobile apps for iOS and Android will keep you updated and let you join the conversation easily, no matter where you are.

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Conversation summaries

Browse all of your team's decisions, questions, tasks, etc. with just one click. ChatGrape analyzes your conversations and labels important info in real-time.

Do you know everything you've discussed with your team last weeks? ChatGrape does! Communication in your company should be simple, effective and time-efficient. With ChatGrape you can focus on your work and come back later to pick up on communication in a glance.

Data Security

256-bit SSL protocol · automatic backups · OTR in the making

All traffic within ChatGrape is heavily secured using a strong SSL encryption, our own Web-Certificate and we’re working on introducing a cryptographic protocol that will provide the strongest encryption available for instant messaging conversation.

Developed with love

We are a team with a passion for beautiful software solutions, design, laser-tag and sushi.


Felix Häusler

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

What moves Felix: Clear communication is important for fast progress. By adding speech detection we can save people thousands of work hours - that's what makes it so interesting.


Leo Fasbender

Founder & Chief Officer of Operations

What moves Leo: Simply put: With distributed teams I still want to know what my colleagues are doing - and that my colleagues know what I'm doing. That gives me the feeling that we are pulling together on the same string.

Tobias Seiler

Tobias Seiler

Marketing & Design/UX

What moves Tobias: To make communication as easy and efficient as possible, both the functionalities as the UI have to be as intuitive as possible. That's where I can go strong.

Stefan Kröner

Stefan Kröner


What moves Stefan: A lot of teams –like us– are distributed over the world. I need a virtual office where I can chat and work with my team and see what the others are doing, no matter where they are.

Stefan Kröner

Clemens Pleban

Backend Development

Federica Recanatini

Federica Recanatini

Frontend Development

Ron Widler

Ron Widler


What moves Ron: As an European who works out of Taiwan, good communication tools that connect all relevant information are essential for my daily business. That's what makes ChatGrape so awesome.

Bernhard Hampel-Waffenthal

Bernhard Hampel-Waffenthal

Service Integrations

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